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Starting to get hungry on slimfast

Just the last few days (Id say since monday) I have started getting hungry midmorning. Now this is my 6th week on slimfast and its only this week that it has started happening.

I am having my shake in the morning a snack about 10am and then my main meal at 12.30 by which time Im starving. Im drinking 2L of water to try stop it but Im really starting to struggle anyone git any tips on how to fight it.

Its strange as at night I have either a shake or a soup and a bag of the pretzels and Im fine no hunger
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Hi Sattsy

I too have notice for the past week (I am on week 8) that I am feeling more and more hungry. I have a smoothie/shake for breakfast and a bar plus pretzels *2 for lunch and my tea in the evening (after which I feel like I'm going to burst).
I think it is the body getting used the the calories and perhaps (forgive me if I am wrong) the brain trying to tell you that you're hungry when you are not from habit??
I just try to ignore it, drink water (which I know you say hasn't helped) or have a cup of coffee.

Have you thought about switching your lunch and tea around?

Hope I've helped slightly.



Needs a kick
When i start to get hungry i try to do something to take my mind off of it, which is easy as i'm a stay at home mum so i can do some housework, take the baby out for a stroll or a small box of raisins to eat slowly usually that'll do the trick for me. Hope this helps
Hey FF I think you might be right in it being my mind trying to get the better of me. Its good to know its not just me that feels hungry so I figure if other people can do this diet I can too!

Ive just eaten lunch (pasta and veges with a light cream and cheese sauce using the recipe from the slimfast website) and a side of salad. Feeling really full now so hopefully the rest of the day will cruise past with no more feelings of hunger!
Thanks Ugg that does help :)

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