Starting to panic!!

Slim at heart

Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!
Help!! I just moved from Cork to Wexford 2 weeks ago & as CDCs are very thin (no pun!) on the ground here in Ireland I can't get in contact with the one nearest here...apparantly she's on holiday!

My packs are going to be finished very soon, have enough for a day or 2 at most with a few extra bars...

I have now left it too late to get any sent to me in time even, I was depending on seeing her...

Mini has very kindly offered to send me a couple of packs to tide me over but I was wondering what else I can do

-Can I walk in to a Chemist off the street & buy a few packs of LT to tide me over & would this even be a good idea to mix?

-What about SF? I can buy that in any chemist without problem but would they be ok to substitute?

-I am doing AAM next week so maybe I can have 3 packs instead of 4?

-If really necessary I can have a few extra bars to tide me over but I know I'm only allowed 1 a day...

What should I do???????????
Please help!!!
LT will tide you over girl...i'd say go and get some from the chemis - they dont taste as nice...but they will keep you in the zone

and as a VLCD you diet wont be effected - only slightly altered

Hi Anna,

You Can't walk in off the street and buy a pack or two of would have to go through signing a medical form etc.

Some chemist do have maintenance packs and bars, but they are a higher calorie content and I would think bring you out of ketosis.

I can express mail a couple of packs on Monday and you would have them on Tuesday...when ever your post is delivered.

One of the CDC's might be able to advise. Isobel, Icemoose, D_Q or CD Counsellor or any number of the CDC's that might be passing through.

Use the shout box for help!

Love Mini xxx
hi all!

New to this site, usually on Home and Health, anyway hi to Slim at Heart! I'm from Waterford and first discovered CD on the web around March this year. Lost over 3stone in 8 weeks, absolutely delighted with the results. Went a bit mad over the summer however and gained over a stone of that. Back on CD with nearly three weeks and over a stone gone. Thank The Lord for That! So who was your nearest counsellor in Cork? I know that they are very scarce over here
Thanks again Mini... I may get in contact in time, she's supposed to be back today or tomorrow & I could drive to her either tonight or tomorrow after work if she's willing.. It's a 1.5 hour drive but closer than Cork which is 3 hours away.....
I can't wait to become a CDC myself so I can help others out & bring the numbers up a bit!!! Currently there are only 4 in Ireland for the whole country!!
Hi Ger!

I was with Carol in Cork but am trying to contact Sheila in Wicklow....

Sure you're only down the road from me girl, I'm living in Wexford!!

Who are you getting yours from?

Any to spare I can buy off you LOL?
hey Girl!

Yeah, I get my supply from Carol in Cork too, but it is a bit of a journey sometimes, its just to make the time as im busy practically everyday with school runs, after school activities etc. etc.!! I am actually running low on supply myself and was thinking of heading up maybe tomorrow or Wednesday if thats any good to you? Maybe we could meet in Wat. and I could give some to you if you want, might be quicker than posting? When do you reckon you run out?
I PMed you but thanks for the quick reply!

I reckon I have just about enough to last me till Tuesday morning, after that I have a few bars to supplement me till Tues evening max, but I know I'm not supposed to do that but better than eating 'normal food' I think...

If you were heading down, would I be able to put an order in too? That would be great! Maybe we could take it in turns to do 'food runs' & meet somewhere after to exchange food & money LOL!!!

I PMed you my mobile number, have to go 'offline' now but please do text me any time, even for a chat or support...

Thanks again,
Anna X
Carol will post a supply to you - save on the journey! I didn't know there was a CDC in Wicklow - do you have her number? it would be much closer to me. I agree, more CDCs are needed in Ireland
Hi Azlan,
I have left it too late for Carol to post anything to me as I would have to put the order in, wair for her to let me know how much it will all cost- postage included, send her a cheque, wait for that to arrive & then wait for her to get it all back in the post for me!!

I also think it's a very expensive way of doing it if you add in the postage etc & I'm not sure but I think Carol's prices are high...

Still haven't been able to get in contact with Sheila but Ger has very kindly offered to help me out as far as she can..

Sheila's number is 086-1029199, if you get her can you let me know please?!!

Best of luck!
I have 17 LL shakes and about same of CD shakes. I can send them to you tomorrow if you like? But knowing post round here it wouldn't get to you til about Thursday.
Just seen Ger is going to help you out. Good luck! :D
Thanks so much for the offer!
Everyone is so kind!
Anna XXX
I can't wait to become a CDC myself so I can help others out & bring the numbers up a bit!!! Currently there are only 4 in Ireland for the whole country!!
At least you know you won't be conflicting with other CDC's! ;) And there is a trade to be had! :D Good for you...
My CDC is across the road, and I have had to dismiss the idea of becoming a CDC. Partly 'cos of our fostering but mostly because there are about 5 or 6 in our small town. :rolleyes:

Hope you manage to meet up and resolve the dilemma - i haven't read the entire thread yet.. so you may well have already done so! ;)