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Starting to worry (Already!!)

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
S: 17st7lb G: 10st5lb
Today i found out i have to go on a 3 day training course with work next month.

It's to a hotel i've been to before with work for a two day course.

On arrival we were offered bacon butties, at 11am we had tea/coffee with cookies, 1pm was a 2 course meal, 3pm tea/coffee with cakes, 6pm 3 course dinner. not to mention the 4 bottles of wine me and my work friend got through that night.

The next day we had a full english for brekkie, cookies for elevensies again, 2 course meal for lunch, then home time feeling stuffed.

THREE!!!! days of all this food!!! how will i cope and resist?!?! :eek:

Think i need to lose as much weight as i can before i go! lol
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You have options as you say loose as much as you can before you go is probably a good plan. Perhaps a strong will to refuse cake/cookies/pudding. At least for tea breaks you could bring your own healtthy snack for lunch and dinner i guess you could make the best of what's available or call ahead and inform them that you have special dietry requirements.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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I have just spent 2 nights in a hotel and I took somethings with me to keep me on track and managed to do it!
I took a measuring container for my milk each morning down to breakfast and had weetabix (HeA and HeB), my Boss (who is also doing SW) and I managed to excuse ourselves at lunch time and went to find a Morrisons restaurant and had a ham salad for lunch and then evening meal was spent at the hotel restaurant where I had gammon, jacket potato and plain salad. I also took a cool bag which I left in the car, filled with Mullerlites, Alpen light bars and Asda cheese curl crisps as well as fruit. Im lucky in the fact that I dont drink, so for me it was diet coke or soda water all night, but you could save your syns for vodka. There is always a way around things Hun, you just have to plan and look at what is around you locally.
Dont panic!
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Agreed with Mrs V

I am a trainer so am in hotels running conferences with cakes at tea breaks and fatty meals at lunch time as standard. You just have to make the decision that you are not having them.
I remember when I first started SW I was amazed at how much food I ended up turning down in a day that I would have normally eaten. I started a 'resist' list and when I could have had a biscuit/cake/pudding I wrote it down on a list instead and worked out the syn value- it was so shocking just how many syns I would have eaten in my old life and had actually turned down

Feel smug and instead of eating the stuff, make a resist list- you will feel very proud of yourself


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