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Starting to worry


Not evil at all
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It's getting closer to xmas and my bf and I are starting to plan our meal/treats for xmas day. There's only 2 of us here for xmas this year and I know that if we buy a rocky road cheesecake for dessert we won't just have one slice each, it'll be more like one half each. I want to have a day off of SW and enjoy myself but I know that it'll end up being a week off, until all of the treats we buy are gone! I don't want to tell him we can't have anything but I don't want to put on more than I've lost. We're planning on having Costco croissants for breakfast but I might have to tell him we can't, they only come in packs of about 50 - can't trust myself to only have one for breakfast then bin the rest!

What can I do? Anyone else in the same boat? :(
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emm i take he knows your losing weight, and why you want too :confused: if so i think he will understand why you CANT have those foods around you, im not buying anything i cant eat and i know a little of something is ok but its the little that worries me too..i have lost almost 4 stones in six months and if i let my guade slip i know i will gain (i would estimate at least 7lbs for me) to make myself miserable for the start of 2010, i think you need to have a heart to heart with him im sure he will back you all the way,:flirt2:
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Oh yes i know what you mean. Not only is it xmas day but the run up to it we will be visiting people and it's also bf birthday new years day. It isnt fair not to have goodies in as there is me, bf and my son. I want to enjoy xmas but i am really worried about putting weight back on. Bf is proud of me but doesnt stop him eating things in front of me ( even though we dont live together) Its tricky isnt it


Not evil at all
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We are both on SW together but we decided a while ago to take xmas day off to enjoy ourselves. Now thinking about it, it's a really bad idea. Fair enough when there's a whole family and one cheesecake to go around everyone, but it's only me, him and a 12 slice cake lol. And there's all the booze we'll be having!

Is dropping to 5 syns a day from now until xmas then having about 400 on xmas day a bad idea? I always think starving then binging is worse than eating normal then binging..

I'm just a wee bit stressed/confused. :(

Devon Dolce

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Why don't you plan to have a flexi day on Xmas Day - set your syn limit (high) and then eat/drink to that number and then you shouldn't feel so guilty xxx
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i know you can save syns for a week but isnt there a limit on how many you can save? and although i dont drink i think once the wine or what ever you drink starts to take effect, then all the good planning on syn values will go out the window, :eek: im sounding like scrooge..really im not :)


Not evil at all
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I'm going to make the SW baked chocolate cheesecake, theres 170 syns in the one I was going to buy, or 60 odd in the homemade one!
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I think that you know that the cheesecake is going to be there, and the croissants and whatever other treats you buy.
Why not, and this is just a suggestion, accept that you will eat quite a bit of it, but don't do it all in one day?
Instead of just having Christmas day off and eating everything until it's all gone, tel yourself that you can have 2/3 days off and make the treats last. Don't buy treats for 3 days, buy what you were going to buy anyway and have a treat to look forward to on Boxing Day, and the day after that.
Whatever happens at Christmas, try and keep a bit of control, but don't make yourself miserable.
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Why don't you look in tesco or such and get a 2 or 3 pack of little cheese cakes or the gu chocolate puddings or such, as for the 50 packs think smaller buy a 4 pack from asda. Why waste so much food or money just downsize so after christmas day its not there


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Why don't you look in tesco or such and get a 2 or 3 pack of little cheese cakes or the gu chocolate puddings or such, as for the 50 packs think smaller buy a 4 pack from asda. Why waste so much food or money just downsize so after christmas day its not there
I was going to suggest the same thing :D

i'm going m + s to buy an individual tiramusui (rather than a wholeone) .

The supermarkets all do really nice fresh croissants again marksies or Tesco just pick up a couple from the bakery. Most supermarkets also sell slices of cheesecake.

Theres plenty of individual serving goodies around, it may cost a little more, but at least there wont be leftovers in the fridge :D


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I agree this is the way to go, after all why buy a bag of 50 croissants when there are only two of you? That's just asking for trouble! It just seems like you are going out of your way to make it difficult to stay on plan. It's perfectly possible to have a great day and stick to plan. :)
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as said above go to somewhere like m&s who do individual portions or a pack of 2 slices of cheesecake you can also buy a pack of frozen criossants which you can cook on the day. I have it a little easier as we are going to my parents house over xmas so i have bought no xmas stuff apart from xmas tree cookies for the kids ( i dont really like biscuits anyway). Im writing my mums shopping list for her tonight and reading it to her over the phone we are having xmas dinner as normal im making a slimming world pudding and we have xmas pud which i dont like then i making some slimming world snacks like quiche, devilled eggs, lots of pickles and slimming world wedges and maybe some free dips for xmas night and boxing day. We are also having brunch on boxing day so bacon eggs beans toms mushrooms quorn sausages. I plan to have a few chocolates but im not going mad i never want to be 19 stone again im 18 stone 10 now and i have been known to gain around 10lbs over xmas before im determined to start the new year lighter than this year.:D


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Why not take some of the croissants in to work with you and invite some friends for the cake - that way it won't be so tempting to have around. Whatever you decide to do, hope you have a great xmas!
Both Waitrose and M&S do lovely cheesecake slices, and other individual-sized puddings, usually 2 to a package. I expect other supermarkets to the same.

Or look out for Gu chocolate puddings of various kinds. Absolutely delicious and again, in packages of two portions.

50 croissants!! That's a lot! Instead of quantity, why not go for quality? Treat yourself to a couple of really good croissants from a good bakery or patisserie. Or, if you have a Sainsburys near you, their bakery croissants and bagels are excellent and you can buy just as many as you need and no more.

You need a bit of lateral thinking here, it seems to me.
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I've always worried that Xmas is always associated with huge amounts of food and drink when there's just no need for it. Yes we all like a treat like a mince pie or some Xmas pudding and dinner is something we look forward to all year round but it's about the people you're spending the time with! I loosened the reins a bit last year and actually lost 1lb. So yes while treats are nice there will be other years to indulge once you've reached your target, it's just not worth it for a gain in my books lol


Not evil at all
S: 21st12.5lb C: 19st10.5lb G: 16st6lb BMI: 43.3 Loss: 2st2lb(9.79%)
Thanks everyone. Think I just needed to talk about it to be able to process it all in my head. I love baking, so I'm going to make the SW cheesecake, and if I eat it all over xmas then it's OK cos it's not a 170 syn one from Iceland. Thanks for the ideas about the individual puddings, I'm worried they would go off in the fridge as they're usually "eat on day you buy" kind of things?? Not going anywhere near the bakery in Costco, far too much temptation.

I wrote up a meal plan for christmas day, it works out about 30 syns for breakfast & dinner, so if I have a flexi syn day and say 50 syns - I can have drinks too. Is 50 too much??

I get so stressed around this time of year. I've never done any kind of diet properly before so I'm finding planning xmas around the plan quite odd.

Plan now for the period not just christmas day ! if you decide to flexi remember its only the day not two or three or until after new years day. Many many people on SW fall at christmas time, for the obvious reasons. But many say if that if thay had planned they would of enjoyed the whole period and kept on the wagon.

SW party menu have great ideas, they are many recepies for baking that are lovely for example cakes and sweets.

So with a bit of planning you will have a geat time and be stuffed all the time with scrummy food.

phil x

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