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Starting today


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Hi Angie,

Plan is great, you will have far more confidence in it after the first week. There are some good permanent posts on the main bit of the forum about tips and what to expect. I feel great on it, not hungry appart from in my head.

Hope all goes well for you x


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Hi Angie and welcome,
Once the weight starts dropping off you will be excited not scared Hun.
Just stick with the plan and drink your water and stay for the group counseling this will help you soo much,also this forum will give you loads of support, off such a fab bunch of people!
Anyway good luck on your journey,looking forward to reading your progress.
Sexy xx

nutty me

onwards and downwards
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Good luck Angie, Im starting tomorrow, ( for the second time...had to stop due to illness, so see this as continuing my journey). This forum is fantastic for support and information. Look forward to following your journey.

Onwards and downwards

Nutty x
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Don't be scared! You should be proud for taking this big step! Best of luck. THe first days are a bit weird but for me not too difficult, I found the next few days hardest once the novelty had worn off but then you have a weigh in and seeing a big loss on the scales will blow your socks off and then you'll be hooked lol! Good luck chick xx


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Welcome and goodluck angie! number one tips are... drink lots of water throughout the day, drink to thirst. and make sure you have all ur packs..... nice hot baths before bed help too xxxxx


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Welcome and good luck. Look forward to reading your progress.
As said above, drink lots and some hot baths along do help, the weekly losses will inspire you to keep going.
Hi every one!! OMG how hard has today been!! Iv sat next to everyone eating cake, steak & Chips! I cooked for the family .. I would Like to say a massive thank you for all your replies hints and tips!
The food has been far better than I expected!
Had a downer today when my medical form wasn't filled in properly Nd so I'm not allowed Anymore packs until the form has been filled out by GP! Bank holiday means wait wait wait lol!

I hope so much that my doctor fills out the form I'd hate to be kicked off iv just started !
Oh well it could be worse!!!

So I'm gonna have summer fruits powder drink while my fiancé drinks red wine in bed!!

I'm so pleased my first day is done !!! Yippee well done me!!

Big hugs and best wishes to you all!!

Angie xxxxxx

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nutty me

onwards and downwards
S: 18st0.0lb C: 18st0.0lb G: 15st0.0lb BMI: 43.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well done Angie,

Day one completed. Look forward to your journey. Hopefully there will be no problems with your GP.

Good luck with day 2.

Nutty x


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well done Angie, youll be flying it in no time. Once you get through the first few days it does get better.
im in starting week 6 tomorrow and honestly the time has flown. You will have up and down days but all the wonderful folk on here with give you so much encouragment and support it will get you through.

Well done on getting through the first day. my advice would be to try and avoid foodie situations till youre fully equipped to cope with them?? and stick to the counselling. I missed this evening and im so disappointed in myself. It really does give you the motivation to keep going when youre feeling down.

i look forward to reading your diary!!

ask xxx


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Well done for making a great start and hope you can get your form sorted out quickly & easily. xx


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Well done on having a succesful first day, and heres to day 2 xxx
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Hi angie and welcome! Well done on your first day. The first few days can be challenging until you get into ketosis as you may have cravings or feel hungry. This is normal. Drink water, tea, coffee, and if all else fails have an early night! Just do whatever it takes to get to the ketosis part and then it gets 100% easier!

Also, fear and excitement can be two sides of the same coin... Try to be excited more than fearful if you can. You will find loads of support here, and you're doing a fantastic thing for yourself in taking the weight off.

You only ever have to get through today! You have done that already - you can do this!!!


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Aww bless your fiance, I think I would have had to crown him with the bottle of red wine lol One of my weaknesses is alcohol and would have been green with envy on my first day in abstinence. Well done you for not turining a hair !

Good luck with the form, its a pain to wait.

Good morning all,,, Wow how lovely are all of you!! It's so nice to know you all understand !

Day 2 and massive headache and sore throat! Started last night! I can't stand water so I have to have the flavouring powder in my drink! Wonder if thats why I got headache! 3ltrs I drank.

Ketotis ????? What's all that about ?? I no its fat burning but how will it get easier Xxxx
So sorry for being selfish .. How are you all doing?

How do I do a diary on here?? And get my pic up??

I'm using my iPhone I do have a computer so perhaps I'll look on there!

Thank you all so much for your kinds words everyone ! Xxxxx
Here's to day 2. And please god my counsellor gets me the form to fill out or that's it I won't get anymore packs!!

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Hi, I had a terrible sore throat at one stage, couldn't work out I'd it was due to LL or just bad timing!

Hope you feel better soon chick xx

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Haha I no. I never drink water and so it could be the summer fruits drying out my throat!

Xxxx how are you finding it xxx

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Well done on getting through the first day, I'm starting Sunday!!

Regards to the medical form if you ask your LLC she may be able to recomend somewhere. My GP won't sign the form but I can go to Sperdrug and get it done for £40 so I'm off there tomorrow. Good luck x x
Thanks Hun.. I have a underactive thyroid tho so prob won't be allowed to go elsewhere !

Good luck for Sunday keep me posted on how your doing! Xxx

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