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Starting today!!

Hey All,

Im starting CD today from fresh as i have only stuck to it for 2 days at the most before!!
Its taken me a lot of time to get my head round all this but i finally feel ready to embark on my weight loss journey!! (sounds crazy i know!!)
But im on day 1 and feeling excited at the prospect that i may be a stone or more less at Xmas time (i joined the 20lb xmas weight loss challenge)

Anyone else starting today?

im having me first weigh in on the 16th November as my counsellor is in Disneyland for 2 weeks!
So i will let you all know how i get on!
And if i struggle i am going to come on here!! :D :D

Thanks for listening to me!

Lou x
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I will get to goal .....
Good luck - you sound mentally prepared and ready for your journey!! Stay strong and you'll be fine hun!! We're all behind you
Hi Lou,

you'll do it this time, your head is in the right place by the sounds of it and that is very important, if you're not mentally ready no diet is ever going to work.

I've started diet after diet and they've all failed but this time I feel so strong and positive and actually feel so much better in myself than I have for a long time, I know I'm going to get to my goal no problem.

I've found it a relatively easy journey so far (I'm on day 26) apart from Saturday night, if you want to read my post Alcohol and SS warning it really is a good warning


keep us posted on our Xmas challenge post too, not just your weigh ins it's nice to support each other throughout the week too

Here's to a new you :D
Hey All

Thanks for comments and support!
Had one shake today so far and 3 litres of water!!
I think im going to try and start drinking early on in the day (that sounded bad - only water i meant lol) :eek: :eek:
Then i will be bl to have about 5 litres a day!!

Yeah i would love to buddy up and support each other through the weight loss journey!

Hey good luck on your journey. I have restarted today, been on and off for a few weeks, but my head is now in the right place. :D
I restarted today too! Not in a good frame of mind about it tho because i m going to the doctor and i gota feeling he give me some antidepressants....again. Ill just have to take on day at a time..............nights time is worst.

Glad to hear that others are restarting on same day tho...be good to read about your progress!!

Good luck to u all x
Hi Lou, you sound really positive and the weight will be melting off in no time. We're all here when you need advice.


So on day 2 today and had 1 litre of water!
Got a sore throat today so thought i wouldnt take any medicine or anything and just drink the water to keep me hydrated!!

Cant believe i have to wait 2 weeks for my weigh in!
i know its only day 2 but by the time i get to the weekend i will be dying to get weighed!!
Oh well im hoping it will be a dramatic loss when i get weighed on te 16th?

How is everyone else getting on?!

Will keep you posted through the day! I know if i can get through first 4 days then i will be fine!!

Lou xx
Hi Lou

well done on getting through day 1 so well, hope day 2 is a doddle for you. it's awful having to wait 2 weeks to be weighed but your loss should be brilliant by then, you'll probably have lost a stone,

for the first time ever last night I struggled with hunger so I ended up having an extra half a bar near bedtime, I don't think it'll do me any harm and I felt loads better after it. due to being ill Sunday I'd only had 2 packs sunday so maybe that's why I was extra hungry yesterday.

well done on the litre of water already! I'm not even finished with my first 1/2 litre!

keep up the good work
I cant wait until i can have the bars!
I hate the tetras they taste so chemically and smooth! They make me gip a little so i might try them frozen!!

What do the bars taste of? Im think that will be great for me as i like a little treat in the evening and i can have one of those a day cant i?
I love the bars, peanut is my least favourite but they are all nice, you can have 1 a day after your first 2 weeks.

I really enjoy the chocolate tetras though so I guess we all have different tastes, they do need to be cold though. a couple of times I've added them to coffee so it's a third chocolate tetra and 2 thirds strong black coffee, then you get 2 drinks and it's quite nice (if you like your coffee)
Hi Loobyloo.

Yes, you can have 1 bar a day. For some people they can affect their weight loss, where as I am lucky that they don't. You have several flavours - caramel, toffee, chocolate, cranberry, peanut, orange to name but a few!!!
My CDC suggested that I had them after 2 weeks and after my Little Girl has gone to bed, it's my "treat"!

I have been ill for the last few days, so I have started today again myself...Good luck on the journey and I look forward to reading more posts from you!
Hi Lou

I'm new here and I'm on my first day of Cambridge today so I'll be interested in buddying along with you. You're also only up the road from me! My pony (Bailey) is in Gildersome and I go to Birstall to get his grub. Do you go to a CDC in Bradford? I'm going to a nice lady in North Leeds near Headingly as I work near there.

I haven't got a weigh in for 2 weeks either as my CDC only works Monday nights and sees people alternate weeks but I can weigh myself in the meantime and phone, email or text her.

Nice to "meet" you :D

Off to get some more water :)


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