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Starting tomorrow - any tips?

HI Everyone,

I'm starting tomorrow - seeing the cdc at midday(not going to eat before then so i can get straight on with it). I need to lose 8-9 stone so I know its going to be a long trek. Any tips to get off to a good start ...and keep going?

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Like you I need to lose about 8 stone. I've been on the diet for 5 days now but last year I was on the diet for a few months.

Try to take it one day at a time, drink all the water - probably 3 litres a day anyway but everyone has different amounts and make sure you always have a tetra on you in case you end up being out the house longer than you think. Don't want to have an excuse to eat!

The weight loss is great, the results should keep you going. You'll probably lose more than a stone in the first month, if you can manage it don't weigh yourself between weigh ins. I prefer getting a biggish loss for the week than seeing 1/2 lb or a lb a day!

Good luck - oh and the most important piece of advice is come on here whenever you need support or to share your losses


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Drink plenty of water and stay strong minded and determined. The first few days can be very tough but you will see the results if you stick to it.


One day at a time!
Good luck, you'll enjoy the results if you stick with it. Are you doing SS (sole source) or a starting on a higher plan? Just take one day at a time, have plenty of things to distract you - eg knitting, sewing etc for the evenings so you don't think about eating, and lots of early nights! There are days I struggle - today one of them - when all I think about it food and wanting to eat and I just keep trying to distract myself with things like chats on the phone, coming on here and looking at the slide show above for inspiration, or going for a walk :)
Just try to get early nights the first week is tough, drink lots of water and kkep your eye on the goal lol, look at awaken me she has done amazingly well a real inspiration to anyone. Good luck
Good luck with you start. I've restarted today. These forums are fab, the success story thread are a great inspiration and I tend to look at them when I'm having a weak moment!
Thanks for your replies - its lovely to have support. You have had such great losses.

Got a stinking headache today - guess i must need more water. Just trying to cook the childrens food now - didn't realise how often I put the spoon/my fingers covered with food into my mouth until just now! I think evenings will be a struggle - but I am really busy at the moment so lots of meetings etc to keep them filled. Im just trying to think how good it will feel to stand on the scales next week and be lighter!

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