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Starting tomorrow...feeling nervous!

S: 16st0lb
Hi everyone :) Well I've finally plucked up the courage to start Lipotrim Tomorow. I've been thinking about it (and reading this forum :)) for weeks. I even went into the chemist a couple of weeks ago to get started but the pharmaicist wasn't there so they told ne to go back, but I bottled it lol :(. Anyway, I can't go on like this any longer (feeling rubbish about myself blah blah) and I've done weight watchers/slimming world calorie counting to death and just can't get motivated to start them again. So I'm hoping this diet will give me the kick start and motivation I need to lose weight. I need to lose about 4 stone but I would be happy with a couple to start with.
I can't wait to get to the chemist in the morning (just hope the phamacist is there this time ggrr) and I'm actually sick of eating rubbish and having a fat, bloated tummy! Feeling nervous about the hunger pangs, bad breath etc (and about failing..:() but I'm sure with the help of this forum I'll stay positive :D.
Look forward to posting more and getting to know you all :).
Lou x
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Hello and welcome Lou, dont feel nervous just feel excited! You will lose that 4 stone in no time. First week is not easy but when you feel like you cant stick to it log on here for support because you can do it and once you get to that first weigh in you wont look back. Take it one day at a time for the first week and make water your new best friend. Then set mini goals, I always hang a dress or some jeans on the wardrobe that i want to get into its surprising how fast you will downsize. Good luck huni xx
S: 16st0lb
Hiya Daisy, thanks alot for you reply:) Good advice about hanging clothes on wardrobe...I've got a couple of pairs of jeans I bought in the sales that I hoped to slim into, but so far the reverse has happened :mad:. Will have to give that a try. Looking at the posts on here, and peoples weigh in results have been really motivating. You've done fantastic!! Going to get my ticker thingy set up tomorrow.
Thanks again hun :)
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Dont be nervous! I'm just about to go get dressed for my first official weighin! It has been enlightening to see when and why I would binge eat by doing this.
Seriously, I have not been hungry, I am able to fill my time so much more productively than planning what I'm going to eat, where I'm going to eat it, and how I can eat it without people seeing.
Jump in!


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Good luck looby

a day at a time at first
you will soon start thinking a week at a time

I agree with the small goals and the clothes, it has helped me too to have a size 18 and a size 16 jeans
I may go to tkmax and get a pair of 14s today... It's my final goal this time so I think I should now.

You can do it, and when u see your first weeks weight loss it really will motivate you

Your welcome Lou , anytime! As Amanda says, it great to go to the sales and just but one cheap pair of jeans in the next size down to inspire you. I was lucky at first coz i had all sizes in the wardrobe but Ive gone through all them now. I did have a lovely dress hanging up that i wanted to wear for daughter's 18th and I looked at it every day and when i got it on i felt like a princess! My daughter had to remind me it was her 18th and not mine as I was getting too excited lol


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Good luck, I had the same amount as you to lose when I started on 1st September....now it's only 2stone something rather than 4 stone!

Look forward to supporting you and getting to know you:D
S: 16st0lb
Aww thanks for the warm welcome and support ladies :) Yeh, I'm just going to keep thinking about that first weigh in to keep me going lol. I've never lost more than 3lb in a week on other diets (and that was on a good week!) so any more than that will be a bonus. You are all doin so great...I'm wishing I'd had the courage to start this diet sooner! At least I've still got time to lose some serious weight (hopefully!) before Christmas.
Thanks again and keep up the good work :)
Lou x
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Hey Looby :D
Don't be nervous be excited!!
This is where the magic happens :) the weight is only going to go down from here and in just a few weeks you'll feel like a different person!!
In just a month, Sandra has already lost half what she wants so in just 1 months time you will be saying the exact same thing!!

Good Luck!
S: 16st0lb
:eek:Thanks Daisyhappy :). The excited feelings are now outweighing the nervous ones lol...this forum definately helps!
Yeh, Sandra has done amazing. Its so inspirational to see how well everyones doing.
Daisy, it must have felt fantastic getting into your dress for your daughters 18th :D. I had the opposite experience recentley...I went to a friends wedding and wore a dress that was too small (around the hips and bum anyway :eek:) and I felt really self concious all night. And judging by the photos, I had every right to feel like that :(....Oh well, onwards and upwards :)
P.s I changed my profile pic on here this morning, (the current one is out of date lol) but it's not updated yet. How long does it normally take? (I feel like a fraud with this one still showing lol)


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Lou, my photo is very old, can't bear having my photo taken when I'm so heavy so don't have a particularly recent one to post! Anyway, it's a nice reminder that I looked quite good when I was younger!

Daisyhappy, the 2stone something that I'm still trying to lose is quite a big something! Like about 9lbs of something but, yeah it's a darned sight better than the original 4 stone!

You girls will do just great, honestly it's far easier to lose weight when you're under 30, get to 50 and it's almost impossible and your skin doesn't shrink back so good either.....get som bio oil too to rub into the shrinking bits, it's good for stretch marks:D
S: 16st0lb
You were gorgeous when you were younger Sandra...bet you still are too! :)

I might have to invest in some bio oil....I am almost the wrong side of 40 after all :(

Thanks again for the advice everyone. I think I'm gonna like it here :)

Lou x
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Hiya hun, was just thinking of posting on here (I need some motivation lol) when I saw your post :). It's not going too bad actually, considering I've got a stinking cold and soar throat aswell. I did have a strepsil this morning actually...is that classed as cheating? :ashamed0005: The worst part so far today was dishing my 2 daughters tea up...I was soooo tempted to pinch a bit of sausage lol. Proud to say I resisted :D. Luckily they cleared their plates so there wasn't any left overs to tempt me aswell lol....Still got another shake left to have, trying to leave it as late as possible so I dont go to bed hungry (hopefully!).

Glad to hear you're having a better day today :). Yeh, we'll definately have to spur each other on..I'm sure it'll help alot :D. Good luck to you too xx


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Ive told my hubby I am not cooking or shopping until I ve got used to it, said its unfair to expect me to do it when I cant have anything!

yesterday he cooked the dinner for him and the kids (he does a lot of the cooking anyway) but shut the living room door after lighting loads of incence so I couldnt smell the food LOL, it worked too, and hes banned the kids from talking about food to me, which is also helping

ohhh hope your cold gets better, dieting when you feel ill is not good ((hugs))


Resident Goth!
S: 15st0lb C: 14st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.9 Loss: 0st6lb(2.86%)
how have you coped today Looby? Hope its been better than me, started the day of telling a client he was a f***ing idiot and ended it weeping on the sofa..... LOL
Feeling happier now though thanks to everyone on here!
S: 16st0lb
Hiya hun, I saw your post earlier about you having a crap day. You've done so well not caving in. This diet is bloody hard!! Glad you're feeling better and enjoyed your muffin :D (I would have told him he was a f***in idiot aswell ;) lol);)
I've somehow got through today-just! I didn't sleep well last night because of this cold (and needing the loo so many times!) so I've felt really washed out today. Luckily I wasn't working or I would have probably fell off the wagon. I've been alot hungrier today too. I'm off to bed in a bit so I can't be tempted and just hope tomorrow isn't any worse.
The things we have do to eh :wave_cry:
Hope you have a better day tomorrow hun
Lou xx

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