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Attack Starting tomorrow, fish question!


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Hello everyone!

I've been thinking about doing Dukan for a while now. Kidded myself I could lose weight by eating sensibly but am now bigger than ever, and feeling really down about it :sigh:

So decided to start tomorrow. I've got about 5 stone to lose :eek: I love white meat and fish so will be mainly eating that.

I'm waiting for my book to arrive so I just had a quick question about fish. Is it ok to eat oily fish like salmon and mackerel, and is it okay if its smoked? I wasn't sure as I thought smoked fish had more salt. If anyone could let me know I'd be really grateful.

Louise x
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I have a lot of smoked salmon and have done since starting Dukan (normal cooked salmon as well), but I find a lot of it depends on the specific type of salmon you pick up. Even if you go to any supermarket there will probably be like 4 or 5 different kinds of smoked salmon, some have really high levels of fat and some are a lot lower. I've never really thought about the salt side of things to be honest....

Hmm, maybe wait for someone wise and more knowledgable to come along and explain!


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Thank you Jack, well you seem to be doing ok on smoked salmon so I think I'll have some with my eggs tomorrow :)


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Hi there! Dr D's opinion on oily fish is that the goodness of the oils outweigh the actual calorific value in the oily bit. Plus, oily fish is LUSH!!! I ate smoked salmon and smoked mackerel last week, and I lost 6lbs in 5 days of Attack :D
I think you just need to vary the proteins to keep it in balance, perhaps keep it to one large or two small portions of oily fish a day.
Good luck!


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Dr D is fine with smoked fish (salmon, mackeral, whatever.) I eat it regularly. The only thing to watch is that some of us have "bad" weigh ins the morning after eating it in the evening! The water gain will pretty much have gone the next morning though.

Forewarned is prepared! Either eat it at lunchtime rather OR steel yourself perhaps for a water gain!

Doesn't stop me eating it though! Enjoy
(just watch the tins though as they tend to add things we can't have!)


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Also watch what they have put on to enhance the flavour. I had some delicious smoked mackerel last week from the Dartmouth Smokehouse but realised too late I'd bought the one that has some honey on it. I did eat some of it ( friend had the rest) but won't get that again. They do one without which is really good too.


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great thanks guys :) Look forward to chatting.


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I eat lots of fish, all different kinds but I do find mackeral to be very salty so I can't eat much of it... sorry I realise this post is a bit late in the day!


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I don't like to eat too much of it either, but mixed with quark and horseradish makes a,ovely dip to go with vegetable crudites, not allowed that yet though! :(
Have you ever tried grilling salmon? Oh my gosh it is so good. Not sure where you live, but in the U.S. we have a spice called "Old Bay Seasoning". I sprinkle it liberally on the salmon, fresh lemon juice and grill for 10-15 minutes on medium....yummy :D

(Leftovers are also great too. I spread spicy Dijon mustard over cold salmon the next day.)
Hi Jennifer, I'm in UK so I haven't heard of that. I do love grilled salmon too though. I usually have it with lime, chilli, soy, garlic and ginger. So tasty!
I haven't tried it with dijon though that sounds lovely


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Old Bay is AMAZING!!! I use it in the Nigella recipe for calamari - you cannot easily get it here but have a snoop on the internet.

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