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Starting Tomorrow!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Hello girls and guys

Im off to see my new councellor tonight, I'm really nervous I hope she's ok and not too scary! :wave_cry:

Have been drinking loads of water in prep for the diet, and cutting down food too, so hopefully it wont feel too bad. I felt like I was on the diet last night though I was in such a bad mood, I think my body knows what it was in for! :confused:

I have also started body brushing before showers, does anyone else do this? Skin feels softer already and with that water think it will do my skin a lot of good!

Also one more thing, how accurate do you all find your Wii fit, for weighing yourselves? I weighed myself on the scales this morning and they said 13,6 and my Wii fit said 13,2! I think I will stick to the Wii fit.

I will let you know how I get on tonight...eek!:eek:
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Going for Goal!
Hi Hun,

I hope your weigh in with your new CDC goes well. It'll be great for you to get back on it if you have the support from your CDC.

I have heard of body brushing, and really fancy giving it a go. Can you tell me a bit more about it? Where did you get your accessories from and what do you do?? I use palmers cream, which helps tone up, but still worried about horrid excess skin, and i'll do anything to help tone/soften up!

I don't have a wii fit, but I have heard a few people say they are accurate...:)

Good Luck tonight,

Hugs x x x


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Its a body brush (like a long handled shower oval brush) its 8 quid from Boots, and you keep it dry, and brush your dry skin from the feet upwards, in circular motions towards the heart. If you do it every day it really helps with cellulite and gets everything moving! Think of all that dead fat sitting there, body brushing every day will help it get moving and break it down - I like to think of it like that anyway!

Another good thing you can buy is 2 little round brushes and you can use both of them at the same time brushing them over your body, but i prefer the harsher brush it really feels nice!!

Thanks I will let you know how I get on! x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Good luck tonight!!

Once you're through the first few days it gets easier, just keep drinking that water as it will help you feel fuller at least - once you're in ketosis you'll feel much less hungry!

You'll also be amazed at how much you've lost at the end of your first week!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
I know, last time I lost 8lbs in my first week!! I am hoping for that again but dont want to put too much pressure on myself....I hate that first weigh in its so nerve wracking!
good luck! hope your first week isn't too much of a toughy! I always weigh on my wii fit as its exactly the same as my cdc.. I have thrown away the scales so this is my only option.. and sometimes I can't be bothered to turn the thing on and so on so it has really helped me scale hopping every moment of the day lol!


Slimming down the aisle
To be honest, I don't think the Wii Fit is accurate at all. It jumps about, a lot. Mine would say one weight, the next day be a stone different! Even later on that day, be hugely different. Once was 10lbs different just 10 minutes later! Maybe it's less accurate if you're heavier, I don't know. I think the maximum weight is something like 24st, and I wasn't near that, so I should have been fine. Maybe I just had a bad one, I don't know! They seem to generally weigh less, even if consistent though.


Silver Member
Good luck tonight!
mine has only done it once a few weeks back it said I had put on 8lb ! I could have cried! but i done it again and 10lb just fell off of me haha! my little person went from having a huge belly to just a little huge belly!
Maybe not accurate enough I suppose if you are an everyday weigher but its ok if only a few times a week!


Slimming down the aisle
Just found this...

However, the Wii will weigh in 7.6 to 8.8 pounds lighter when used on carpet, or on the exercise mat, or without the leg extensions.

Apparently if you use it on carpet, you need to use the leg extensions. The leg extensions came with the Wii Fit, but were not attached to the board when it arrived. The legs just slip onto the permanently installed legs and hold there by friction. They are actually embedded in some of the cardboard packaging inside the box. So if anyone isn't using them, take a look through the box, if you still have it, and it should work better!

That's probably my problem actually, I use it on carpet.
oh I see! I have wood flooring downstairs so use it on that but its like scales on carpet weigh more /less but I didnt know about the leg extensions I probably threw them!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Thanks for that! I will have a look through the box later on, I cant remember seeing anything in there, although what difference would it make really its still on carpet.

I have a large pink breakfast tray I will see if it fits on that, might make a difference.



is going to loose!
Good luck with your official WI and strong advise only relying on the CDC's scales just to avoid developing the bad habit of 'having a good day depending on the number you see in the morning'.



Slimming down the aisle
I thought about putting it on something, but I don't have anything! I checked my box, nothing in there! I moved it into the corridor just for the weighing bit, and it was almost spot on. Brought it back on carpet and it said that my weight was different, so is def why I had problems!


hates diets
good luck... have been myself today for first time since last year....have almost pit on what i lost then heh ho!!! fresh start tomorrow ..dreading it but needs must!!!!!xx


One Day at a Time
Hi Shell

I'm in the same boat as you, but strangely have a new sense of determination. Good luck!
all the best hun, really thinking about you and looking forward to reading and hearing about your results, take care

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