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Starting tomorrow...

Hi everyone!

Well, i'm nearly ready - been studying the book, getting inspiration from this forum (and read the stickys), been shopping and will be starting tomorrow.

Fairly certain i know what to do :) However, maybe i'm suffering from information overload but perhaps one of you wise people can answer my question - during induction do the 20g carbs a day that you are supposed to stick to come from the salad and veggies alone or do you have to count what is in, for instance, the eggs (seen 0.6g each quoted somewhere), the special category foods like the olives etc. Sorry just a wee bit confused about that :wave_cry:

I don't have too much more weight to lose now, another 14 to 20 pounds would be great. Been doing SW fairly successfully but just lately i've been getting an uncomfy stomach and think its from all the carbs.

Reading through the Atkins book it seems to answer one of the questions i've been asking myself for many years - how did my gran live to the grand old age of 89 when she always had butter, cream and cheese in her fridge and ate them daily. She was never overweight and didn't die of heart disease. Thinking back about the things she ate she didn't consume many high carb foods. It's all beginning to make sense...
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Hello Stormy, Have just started myself and agree with you, re. your gran, I am 60 yrs old and put on weight when I learned to drive at 40 up until then had no problem , now I don't know what is sensible and whats not, so, I am turning the clock back to the good old days no more processed foods. Good luck !


Call me Linzi...
Hey Stormy

Welcome to the fab world of Atkins!

I don't count eggs or the such like... only in veg (or anything else I may have protein shakes/bars etc) so just make sure if you add anything that has carbs your total carb intake is 20g.

Watch out for cheese, would be my advice... easy to eat heaps & it can cause stalls.

Good luck & enjoy. x
Good Luck hun yes careful with the cheese and any other snack thing really easy to forget you ahve had them. You don't need to count eggs

Thanks everyone for your advice and words of encouragement, you all look look like you're doing really well and i've been getting lots of inspiration from your posts on here.

Oh yes Ditz, watch out for the cheese! No more than a total of 4oz per day in Induction. I just love cheese but have to be firm now so as not to stall.

And the veggie carbs are so important. I find that I lose more slowly, or STS, when I neglect my veggie intake. And of course we need them for health. It's quite surprising how many people grow to love eating vegetables as a result of doing Atkins.
LOL girlygirl, mmm yum i love cheese too so i'll take your advice and be careful. Already love veg and salad, it's just the meat i'm not so keen on :-o Sounds weird i know and it's probably why i haven't tried Atkins before... Like fish and eggs though and can probably do meat once a day - will be making a homemade beef burger for dinner tonight
Hi Stormy, welcome to the board and good luck with Atkins. :D
Thanks everyone! Coming to the end of day two now, not hungry - usually i'm ravenous when i get in from work and head for the toaster before cooking the evening meal. Slightly bit headachey just now but reading previous posts i'm sure it will pass, been drinking plenty water, 2L throughout the day plus a couple of decaff coffees.

Thanks again for the advice and welcomes, it's lovely to see the support on here and hope i can do the same for you peeps too.
hey Stormy,

I agree with what you said about your gran, it seems to me this day and age has such a huge obesity problem since 'low fat' foods became the norm. Since i started CD (and now atkins) the few times I had carbs last week my stomach really didnt like it! I got heartburn, stomach cramps and bloatedness, even headaches. I'm realising i'm not a 'carb' person and all that bread, pasta etc is no good for me. My gran was the same as yours, always butter, clotted cream and real full fat milk. I always tend to cook from scratch as things like sweetners (particulary aspartime) has an adverse effect on my sons mood, he is 8. I really believe todays quick fixits meals in a packet that you can shove in a microwave contribute to cancers. I havent touched margerine for years (it tastes like plastic to me now), and always had butter, but the large chunks of bread with it was what was doing me no good!!:D Good luck for your first day :)
Yes, agree with you on a lot of that Phoenix. Only three days in and that horrible bloaty feeling has gone - for lunch one day last week had jacket potato with a small tin of beans and felt the rest of the day feeling so awful.

Headache gone this morning and feeling good. Gotta dash and make my packed lunch now...

did you know Margarine is only one molecule different than plastic?

did you know Margarine is only one molecule different than plastic?
Wow i didnt Jim! That explains the yucky taste....I feel so angry that we feed our beautiful kids with this stuff (not me personally), and we are never told the risks. Back to natural i say :)

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