Starting Tomorrow


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Hello Everyone

I will be starting the Atkins diet on Tuesday (have to get the food in tomorrow). I tried Cambridge Diet last week but had to give up after 4 days as I just cannot cope without food and felt so ill.

My friend who has previously lost around 4 stone doing Atkins will also be starting too so I have someone to help me along as I have never followed the plan before.

Can I just ask everyone what they do about tea? I love my cuppa and understand that I can have a dash on cream in coffee but I cannot cope with drinking black tea. I don't mind limiting myself to the amount of cups I have to say 2 or 3 per day but is there anyway I can have a splash of milk in these and count the carbs towards my daily allowance - has anyone else done this? If they have, what's the best milk to use for carb content.

Thanks for your help
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Hi Mollie, welcome on board, atkins is great you will love it! The first couple of days can be a bit tough but its plain sailing after that! I still have milk in my coffee - you shouldn't technically, but as you say I count it towards my carb allowance and I don't like cream in coffee. Full fat is the best option after cream from a carb point of view. Good luck and let us know how you are doing!


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Hi Mollie and welcome love, I drink green tea, have you tried that?


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Hi Mollie. I have milk in my one cup of tea in the morning but just count it as carbs. (naughty me - but I just cant cope without my tea first thing in the morning). It all decaf though
Gold Top milk has an even higher fat content and makes delicious tea, but go easy especially during Induction. By the way if you mix some cream with water in a bottle or a jug - shake it up or blend thoroughly - you get a 'milk' mixture that is very nice in both tea and coffee. Make it as weak or as strong as you like!

Welcome to Atkins, and good luck.