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Starting tomorrow...

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by Ellem, 15 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Ellem

    Ellem Full Member

    Hello everyone :), I'm starting Slim and Save tomorrow. I did Exante a couple of years ago and did well on it until new job / relocation across the country / relationship issues took away my focus but I know what to expect. All of those things have taken their toll and now I'm quite possibly at one of the heaviest weights I've ever been and I'm pretty miserable about it :(. I'm going to see how I go at the moment. Initially I'm looking to do it for the 12 weeks then maybe go onto another diet or I might do it until I'm at goal weight. Right now my main concern is even dropping 2 or 3 stone would make such a difference. I found the support of forum members to be incredibly valuable the last time I did a VLCD so I'm looking forward to reading all your posts and joining you in the weight loss journey. Today I've been clearing out my cupboards and stocking them up with my Slim and Save products. Wish me luck for tomorrow!
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  3. hepdelala

    hepdelala Member

    Good Luck

    I started this morning and not doing too bad, also I think it tastes so much better than exante x
  4. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Gold Member

    Good luck!

    I restarted on Wednesday and plan to hopefully do 12-16 weeks on S&S before moving back to judddd

    I agree!
  5. Ellem

    Ellem Full Member

    Thanks folks! Well, so far so good. I had a lie in until lunch time today then put off having a pack until about 2 when I had the hazlenut shake and it was really nice, definitely better than Exante. I'll wait until 5 and then I'm going to try a meal. My tesco delivery just arrived and it was pretty much bottles of fizzy water, cans of coke zero, skimmed milk, frozen broccoli, and cauliflower and a big pile of cleaning products haha. I know tomorrow and Tuesday will be the worst days - tomorrow I'm in my office which can be a hard place to be and avoid food but I've got a few strategies. Luckily on Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays I work mostly alone and away from food so there's no temptation on those days. Good luck to everyone else too!
  6. floss

    floss Full Member

    Good luck Ellem! I did it last year but wasn't in a good place mentally so I stopped and stupidly threw all my packs away! I hope the start in the next few days too so sure you'll see me on here moaning at some point! Well done for getting through your first day :) x
  7. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Good luck. When I see people are clearing cupboards, getting in all the helpful shopping and breaking big goals into small chunks, it's usually a sign they are going to be very successful. It seems like you have everything well thought through so head down tomorrow through any temptations and I think you'll be home and dry by the weekend. :)
  8. Ellem

    Ellem Full Member

    Thanks for the support everyone :) That's me just heading off to bed and it's the end of day 1. It's not been too bad at all. Lets see what tomorrow brings, good luck for the week everyone! x
  9. Ellem

    Ellem Full Member

    So far, so good :) This is the beginning of day 4 and I've stuck to things so far. I've liked all the products I've tried which is amazing as on Exante I ended up only being able to drink strawberry shakes as everything else was foul. Feeling positive and I hope everyone else is having a good week!

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