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Starting tomorrow...

Well, I finally bit the bullet and decided that enough (fat) was enough (fat), and so begin my LLfM journey tomorrow morning.

Have to say, I'm very exicited about it - after seeing so many success stories on here/there/everywhere on the web, I'm wishing I had begun 3 months ago when I first looked into it!

Still, I'm here now, and that's what counts!

I have a few questions, hopefully those here that are already well into the programme know the answers

1) I've been told that some people get headaches/nausea in the first week - is this true? How many of you had this sort of thing in the beginning? And how long did it last for?
Its not enough to put me off, I'm just curious.

2) Did you tell people you were on LL? And if so, how/when?
I have to admit that currently, I'd feel awful telling people I was doing it (like admitting self-defeat at the hands of fat), but at the same time, I'd love to tell everyone that I've finally got the will to do something about it.

3) Does it matter how you spread out your foodpacks within a day?
For example, could I have a soup and a bar for lunch? Or is it better to have 1 pack every 4 hours or so?

Thanks in advance to all who reply, I'm super-excited for tomorrow, don't think I'll get to sleep tonight! :D
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Hi Pete! Welcome and good luck!!!

Yes, we can suffer headaches and a general feeling of poo the first week aswe go into ketosis. It varies for everyone, and the severity can be dependant on the amount of carbs you have had prior to "fasting", so if you cut your carbs dramatically now - that will help. I only experienced a few uncomfortable headaches - but nothing that a couple of paracetomol every 4 hours couldn;t sort out and only lasted the first week or so.

I told only a very small handfull of people. My inlaws-so they would know when we came for meals, etc. My manager - in case I keeled over from starvation...lol...and one friend at work so I had someones shoulder during the day if I needed it. Aside from that - I told NO ONE. Not for the same reasons you mentioned - and you should feel proud your are taking action - not defeated. This is a hardcore diet - not for the weak - only for the brave. ;) I did not tell anyone because I did not want everyone scrutinizing me to see if I could do it.

When it became obvious, then I started talking about it, and my weight openly and honestly with just about ayone who would listen. I was AMAZED how easy it was to say out loud my weight issues, when I spent YEARS doing everything I could to avoid drawing attention to the fact I was fat. (like I could hide it. lol) I even tell people now how much I weigh!!! <SHOCK!!> Once the masses knew, I had nothing but positive support and encouragement and respect. It has been great - but initially, it was very hush hush and that worked a treat. Let me get on with it without any negativity, etc.

And lastly, no rules to when you have your packs- spread your packs how they work best for you. I started out at normal times - morning - noon - night, etc., but soon found I was not hungry at all, ever, so I just saved them all for the evening. Had my soup at 6pm - a bar or muffin at 7ish, and then the last two for "pudding" laterin the eveing while we watched films, etc.

Worked a treat for me....so just work out a system that suits you.

All good luck to you! Be sure and post often inf you are struggling or unsure or just have questions or moans/rants and especially triumphs.

Its a great diet. It does require commitment and dedication, as said, its not for sissy's - but with your head in the right place, it becomes the easiest and fastest diet ever. You begin to feel very early on, that at last - you have foudn the "magic pill" we have all prayed for - you will be slim.

Go get it!!!! :D

Welcome Pete

Congratulations for making the decision.That'sthe hardest part.
Therest will come -with so much support from your group, Lighter Life Counsellor and everyone on here as you can see.
Plus - we need all the guys we can get!
Most of your questions will be answered in your first meeting tomorrow.

It's different for everyone. I was lucky and din't get headaches or dizziness during the first 3 days. I did keep myself busy though. The key is to drink PLENTY of water. If you feel hungry have water,
black tea or coffee to take the pangs away. Go to bed early for the first few days if necessary to switch your brain off!

I only told my OH to start with and quietly avoided lunch time at work, tea breaks, meals out etc until I was sure I could do it and felt in control.
When it became obvious I was losing weight (quite quickly) I dealt with it depending on the circumstances.
Most people have been truly supportive.

I space my packs out evenly, some people save them up to have in the evening. If you have a physical job you are probably better to even them out because they give you energy. You will find what works for you.
Don't worry about Christmas. You'll be well into it by then. Imagine if you had left it until New Year.Another stone or 2 probably.

Men lose weight quicker than women. It won't take you long.
PS. Watch out - a dieting craze has broken out in our office now!

Thanks for the replies ladies :)

blonde logic said:
I did not tell anyone because I did not want everyone scrutinizing me to see if I could do it.
Thats exactly how I feel.
I dont DO failure. Never have. It's just not acceptable to me! I have to win at everything lol and I feel like at least if I was to fail this (which I WONT, dammit!) I wouldn't have half the world saying "told you so". But I've decided that, the more people who know, the more i'll want to show 'em all I can do it!

slendabenda said:
If you have a physical job you are probably better to even them out because they give you energy. You will find what works for you.
Being a Network Manager, I spend most of my day sat in front of a PC, so not much physical stuff going on sadly.

Speaking of which, it was actually a situation at work which made me finally decide to lose weight. I was in my office, and a colleague came in and said "where's X?" (X being the other Techie I work with. Who is 5foot-nothing and weighs about as much as a photograph of himself).
I said "he's standing behind me....."



Full Member
Hi Pete and welcome, you'll find this site so valuable over the next few weeks.

I didn't have too many side effects as I went into ketosis, but I had planned in advance and had introduced slimfast shakes and cut down on carbs. I did feel light headed every now and then but only one time when I thought I might actually faint. You soon learn what will triggers you to feel light headed!

I didn't tell anyone except my OH until recently when people started to notice and then I've told them what I'm doing. I didn't tell people because I didn't really want to talk about it and felt that if I failed, I'd be setting myself up for failure in other peoples eyes. I also like the idea of the 'big reveal' for people who you don't see too often. My parents have been in Spain since the day I started and don't return until mid-Dec when I should be at target. 4 stone off, they are bound to walk straight past me at the airport!

I have a foodpack at about 6.15 a.m. before I leave for work. A bar or a shake at lunchtime, could be anytime between 12.00 and 2.00 it depends how I feel. I start to feel a little peckish at about 5.00 but get into the car for my 90 minute commute and then have a soup when I get in the door. Then another shake at about 9.00 p.m. Weekends are totally different, there is no routine and depends what I'm doing.

Good luck for the next few days, you can do this and you will see results very quickly. As BL says, this diet is not a walk in the park, although I personally believe it is easier if you stick to it 100% and some days you will think it's a breeze (some days will be more difficult).

As you can see from looking round here, you guys lose it quicker than us gals. My OH started CD yesterday so we are in abstinence together. Let us know how you get on and I'll post his losses too (if he's OK with that of course!).

Don't forget to ask if you have any questions, we're a great support group here and seem to know the answer to most everything!
Speaking of which, it was actually a situation at work which made me finally decide to lose weight. I was in my office, and a colleague came in and said "where's X?" (X being the other Techie I work with. Who is 5foot-nothing and weighs about as much as a photograph of himself).
I said "he's standing behind me....."


Oh bless you - lol - that did make me chuckle, in an "I-can-so-understand-that" kind of way.

Ehy - whatever it takes to drive us to this - its all for good.

You will show them you can do it, because you will do it. Thats the beauty about LL - it truly IS acheivable!!!


Back to the grindstone!!
Well done!
I am one of the very lucky ones and I don't seem to suffer any side effects when I start the packs, I did this last year for eight months and Lost over 6 1/2 stone. I have put a little back on and I am back on packs to get to grips with it again.
I only told those close to me about the diet initially. My hubby, obviously, our families and my closest friend. I didn't want to have to justify the diet to anyone else and I am glad I did make that decision. It was right for me to start with until the weight loss became apparant to folk. Then I only told those folk who wouldn't judge me. Now I am open about how I did it and how much I lost although that tends to shock a lot of folk. Most had no idea how much I did weigh. Shocker!
I tend to have a pack or two during the day, like BL I tend not to feel hungry during the day and like to save them for the evening as that is always my difficult time of day. A pack and a bar at night are a winner for me.
It is the easiest diet you will ever find out there and I managed christmas and new year without thinking about it last year! Never thought I would but the reality is that it is a self sustaining diet in that you see the results so quickly that it is a real boost to your wellbeing.
Congratulations and you will be soo chuffed you made that step.
Wait till you start - A REVELATION AWAITS!

Oh Pete,
There it is "I don't do failure"

You don't allow yourself to. I bet you are a person who is really tough on yourself aren't you?
That'll be the answer to your weight issue -somewhere in there - your LLC will help you unlock the reasons so you can successfully conquer being overweight for the rest of your life.
I hope you feel ready for an amazing journey of self realisation and awareness which will give you control and power over your life.
For most of us there was a deciding moment which made us determined to do something about losing weight.
I hope you will be so glad you chose Lighter Life.
Good luck.


Back to the grindstone!!
Deciding moment for me, my 5 year old niece telling me I was fat and should get some exercise. Out of the mouths of babes!!! I was soo ashamed!:cry: But I had just been putting it off for far too long and perhaps needed that kick in the teeth to wake me up.
But she was forgiven a few months ago when she sat on my knee and told me that I was really skinny. lol:thankyou:
Don't you just love kids!!!
Hi Pete.
My Husband started 5 weeks ago and has lost 3st gone from 38 waist down to 34, he has not found it hard what so ever, this man loved his alcohol everynight, he dont even miss it no more.
Good luck you will do well, Men do lose it very quick and if you start now, you will be well on your way by xmas.
Hi Pete - I'm on day 3 and have to say I've not had any headaches or feeling weak yet. I did dream last night about baking a cake (which I never do!) and scraping my fingers in the bowl afterwards and licking them - how cruel is my brain?!!! Otherwise I admit I'm having a few hunger pangs but by no means where I feel sick with hunger, just one of those reminders that my tummy would like to be given something! I'm ignoring them, drinking water and trying to even the shakes/soups out as I will when I'm at work during the week.

I've only told my family and a couple of close friends and they are so pleased for me that I'm finally doing something. It's lovely to have their support. All I've said at work so far is that I was going on a strict diet from Friday so please don't come in my office offering me biscuits. I got a funny look which I couldn't interpret but just said you'll see soon.

To be honest I'm keeping quiet at the moment because I can't face the really skinny who go to the gym people saying how unhealthy it is to lose weight so quickly, etc although I have been told that topic is covered in one of the counsellor sessions and also when people start saying you look gaunt and shouldn't lose any more (I might hug the person who says that though as I've never heard those words spoken to me!).

Lots of luck Pete - you've made the decision to do it so I'm sure you'll be ok. I know what you mean about the excitement, that's what I was like. I thought Thursday would never come around but it did! I'm off to my drop-in tomorrow night for my before photo to be taken and words of encouragement which I'm looking forward to as I know I've definitely lost a few pounds already. I'm guessing that's when it clicks that yes it's worth feeling a bit hungry. Hope so!!!
I have been told that topic is covered in one of the counsellor sessions and also when people start saying you look gaunt and shouldn't lose any more (I might hug the person who says that though as I've never heard those words spoken to me!).
lol - I know what you mean!

There is one lady at work who has been unsuccessful for 4 years on Slimming World and Weight Watchers.....and she ha been a pest;.

She is the only one to tell me I look gaunt.

I smiled, and bolshilly replied, "No I don't." and smiled. I advised her it's "cheekbones", not gauntness, and added "Actually I am quit happy with how I look" and flashed a huge smile. :D

She was silent after that. Except when she did an about face and said, "Well, yes you do look wonderful...." Make your mind up silly woman!! :D
BL - that definitely sounds like a jealousy thing and I'm not surprised as you have done astoundingly well looking at your photos. A real incentive.

Thinking back to when I stopped smoking (4.5 years ago) we were told then there would be the jealous people who would offer us cigarettes which sure enough there were and I guess i'll be challenged again now with food. But I'm going to be just as strong this time.
Welcome aboard Pete.

I started out @ 17:2 six weeks ago (5 foot 10) and have lost 2 stone 10 pounds in that time, easily. 3 inches off the chest, 5 off the gut(!) and 4 off the ar5e. If you are a very big guy, you'll lose a lot less. There’s a 25 stone plus guy at my meetings that has lost that weight in 3 weeks. Other thoughts, all based on my personal experience:-

· I had no problems at all in the first week, but I appreciate I was lucky.
· It is a fact that you won’t feel hungry when in ketosis, in fact you will feel great. You may miss the actual sensation of eating, e.g. tastes, etc. -but you get used it.
· It’s also a fact that hunger does get confused with thirst. Have a quick pint or two of water and it will subside.
· The cold – I feel cold a lot lot more – due to lack of fat insulation and slowing metabolism due to ketosis.
· Shaker – get one from Holland & Barrett for £3.99 – they are for body builders to mix their weight gain stuff! They are excellent.
· Mixer vs. blender – the LL supplied blender is pants – get a Tesco Value one for £3.97.
· Curry powder in my soups – had a bad experience – blocked me up and “plateaued” for 5 days – stopped it and lost 8 lbs in 8 days.
· Dried chillies & chilli powder – seem OK.
· Add coffee to the shakes if you get bored.
· The LL drink mixes are expensive but both are nice, recommend them.
· Constipation is a real issue. Get some Psyllium husks from here (http://www.healthspan.co.uk/search.aspx?query=psyllium ) and add them to your soups – goes a bit gloopy but fills you up more and doesn’t add any carbs or cals.
· Discussing food at meetings – a no no.
· True weight – I ignore the figures from the sessions as they are held at 18:30. The next morning I weigh 6 pounds less, and the BMI, etc are obviously more accurate.
· I weigh myself every day, others don’t.
· Bars & coffee – the bars can be a bit dry, but they all taste nice with a cup of coffee.
· Big breakfasts – at the weekend I treat myself to a bar and a shake for breakfast, with no ill effects.
· Normally it’s a shake for breakfast, then bar mid-morning, soup at lunch, soup at tea time. Others do different things. If you travel with work a lot like I do, and it’s impossible to have soups, borrow the next day’s bars and have them instead. As long as you only have 4 things a day, it doesn’t seem to make any difference.
· Big soups – sometimes have two at once mixed with Psyllium of course – almost like a stew!
· Water – can’t be over-emphasised – drink as much as you can. If you don’t, you will stop losing weight as fast.
Good luck - you've made the right decision;)
I found I got headaches, nausea and light headedness for about a week coming into ketosis. Had to have a number of long lie downs - so glad the family were supportive!
I told everybody about the diet - it's amazing how supportive people can be once the initial novelty wears off, and it makes it difficult to fail knowing everyone is interested......

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