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Starting tomorrow!


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I feel like im already doubting im going to do it! i love food but i took some pictures last night as my 'before' pictures and they made me feel sick looking at them! This is it for me really if i cant do this ill probably never do it. Coming on here makes me feel really up for it but then all i think about is how long it will take me to cheat ha

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Hi and welcome Jenny, we all have thoughts like that prior to starting, but as long as you are 100% dedicated to losing weight, then lipotrim cant fail. Its definitely the best diet I have ever done and the quickest weight loss ever. I started beginning of January and I am now on refeeding to lose the last few pounds.

Keep drinking your water, keep thinking positively and if ever you feel like cheating, read your thread again and look at your photographs.

Good luck, if I can do this, you can too.
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hi jenny,im on my first day of lt today and i must say im finding it ok:) however myfirst day was really yesterday and i failed by lunch time and ordered a pizza!:( but i got a really good butt kicking from some girls on here and it sorted me out! so today new attitude:)
so dont think about when you can cheat or when you might fail,just remember why you are doing this:) if you feel a moment of weakness just come on here and the girls will sort you out!lol:)


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Hi hun!! Welcome to LT! :D

Like Kered said, it's an absolutely brilliant diet as long as you stick to it! You won't be disappointed and when you get to your first weigh in and see what you've lost..you'll never look back!

You've done the right thing joining here, you'll get all the support and tellings off you need all the way through your time on the diet :p

Good luck for tomorrow and don't forget to come on tomorrow night and let us know how your getting on!xx


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Hello and welcome!
I can't deny the fact that I hate Lipotrim!! However, it works!! 1 stone in 2 weeks should not be sniffed at!! it isn't easy but i can honestly admit that i haven't been hungry at all and that it has already mde me assess the reasons why i eat!
Good luck with it all and the others on this site are a tremendous support!


Here we go again!
Hi Jenny and welcome. If you stick to Lipotrim 100% you will lose all the weight you want to. I have just completed 12 weeks and lost 4stone 8lbs. I have never lost this amount on any other diet and it would have taken about a year anyway.

Don't think about what you can't eat, it will all be there when you finish the diet. Think about your goals and why you want and need to lose the weight. Get your first week out the way and it gets so much easier.

Any advice or support needed, just come on here and someone will be able to help. You can do this diet, you know you can. Good luck.
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I know how you feel. Goin' on hols in a few days, so will be starting LT when I come back. This week I've been trying to be good, taking slimfasts for (most) brekkies and lunch at work and think there's been a slight difference. I think you just need to bite the bullet and do it - and remember why you are doing it. And come here for some inspiration. Even if you're feeling down and don't want to speak to anyone watch the inspiration slideshow and you'll start to feel that warm happy feeling.
For myself, I'm stocking up on some mint tea, dulco-ease (just in case ...) and the special listerine stuff we're allowed to use. Then I will be ready for the off.
Set your mind to it and you'll do it. T, x


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whats dulco-ease? and what listerine stuff lol x
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dulco-ease is a type of laxative, you can have a few problems in that area. and listerine is a mouthwash although you can buy them in little strips too as you tend to get awful dry mouth and bad breath.
dont let any of that put you off though chick everyone on here will tell you its all worth it. good luck xxx


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Good luck Jenny x


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Good Luck Jenny!

Not really a good idea to go into it with doubts if you can help it. You're doing yourself a huge favour and it's a tiny amount of time out of the whole of your life ......
It REALLY is all in the mind! x


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Hiya jenny!!! Welcome back!!!

You just a little taller than me :)

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