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Starting Tomorrow.


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Hi Everyone,

My name is Becky and I am starting the CD tomorrow, after just researching it yesterday, I got in touch with a local consultant and joined today (on a Sunday)lol! My mum is doing it with me too so hopefully we will help each other. I have already lost 1 st 9lb with slimming world but felt like I was getting stuck in a rut and needed a change.

I am really looking forward to getting started and seeing the results but feel a bit anxious about how to cope with the hunger. Im hoping it wont be too bad. Im going to my brothers wedding in Cyprus in just over 6weeks, id love to be a bit lighter by then so I can get a lovely dress :p.

This is a fab forum here with loads of support. I am struggling a little to find my way around the CD section but im sure ill get there.

Ill keep you posted on my progress, fingers crossed. :p x
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Well done for taking the plunge hun. Welcome to CD!!

The hunger really isn't that bad once you reach ketosis at around day 3 or 4. Admittedly there are some trying times, but if you learn to over come them, you learn healthier eating practises for life. CD really is life changing.

The first few days are pretty crappy, so come online a lot, have a poke around at the inspirational piccies, do anything to distract yourself! Early night, hot baths and long walks are personal faves.

Looking forward to seeing you have some lovely losses in the coming weeks. Good luck on your journey x


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Welcome! Im nearly at end of week 2 and feel amazing and hope to lose my 1st stone this week I lost 10.5lbs in my first week so this diet really does work!! :D Not going to lie it really is rough the first week and be prepared to have headaches , dizzyness and be very tired. but dont let this put you off! they do subside and now i feel great and the cravings for food go :) Overall keep to it 100% and ull see amazing results and youl look amazing for cyprus in 6 weeks time! :D


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Good luck with CD, Lisa and Amanda have said it all!
Stick with it, get some paracetamol in the house and drink lots of water! after day 3 you'll be feeling great!
You have done so well already, so good luck in shifting the rest quickly and efficiently with CD.
It works extremely well, if you allow it to do its job..
The first few days can be hard.... but get your motivations clear in your head and you will soon be a stone or so lighter by that wedding!

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Hi, I am just on my 2nd day and finding it hard but sticking to it 100%, seeing my mum lose 2 stone on this has really inspired me.


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Hi Becky,

I am starting tomorrow too and looks like we have a similair amount to lose :)

I have done Lipotrim before and they really are great diets to do, the hunger is a bit of a killer the first few days but once that's done you honestly feel great and the way the weight drops off makes it all worth while.

Anyway good luck and give me a shout if you want a diet buddy! x


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Well it varies for different people, but I can honestly say the only time I felt hungry was Day 1! It was very difficult, but after you push through it, it is unbelievably easy.
I'm on Day 6 now, just had my last meal of the day... and feel genuinely full up! If you stick with it, you'll get the results you want. Well done for taking the plunge, wishing you loads of luck on your CD journey xx


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S: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb
You have all done so well, I really hope I can take some inspiration from you guys. I will defo be on here frequently. I have some exams in two weeks time so am busy revising etc then the exams so the pressure is really on. Im sure i'll survive.lol!

I usually drink too much diet coke. Something that I will have to almost completely give up. My consultant said I could have the odd bottle but im not sure. Does anyone know the rules as far as Diet Coke is concerned. x :)

Batlo8, if you want to start a team id join, I dont know how to do it.lol! would be nice.x
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Hi Becky and welcome the thers have said it all really but diet coke is a big no no. there are quite a few threads on this subject if you put diet coke in the search, but most people will go for the motto if its not in the book it doesnt go in your mouth!
main problem with diet coke is the citric acid which will kick you out of ketosis, but some drink coke zero with no citric acid but some find this starts off cravings.

If you sre a diet coke addict you will probably find you will feel pretty lousy the first few days and have loads of headaches. this will be the caffeine withdrawal rather than CD.
Take paracetamol to help you get throught this bit and once you are in fat burning you will be well on youer way and before you know it in 8-10 weeks you will be at goal.
Good luck


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Good luck my dear. I've done 2 days now and once they are over I know it gets easier! You'll do it! xx


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S: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb
OK, no Diet Coke for me and plenty of Paracetamol. lol! It is a really bad habbit so only good can come from not drinking it. Im quite excited, tomorrow is the start of a new chapter in my life, hopefully a thinner one.:D

I will look forward to seeing how you all get on, no doubt ill be on here looking for advice and support, and hopefully giving it too. x


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S: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb
Surprisingly, my first day has been OK, anytime I felt a slight bit hungry I drank water, perhaps a little over 3 litres. I could hear it sloshing in my stomach at times.lol!But it did the tick. Will it get harder over the next few days?

Does anyone know if it is OK to have tablet sweetners? x


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Welcome aboard! Its an amazing diet! I've lost 18lbs in 12 days....so if you after decent weight loss....cheating does not work!
Do it by the book and although the first couple of days a rough, you will feel on top of the world in no time!
And we're always here to help!!!!! :):):)
Good luck hun xx


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Well done of getting through day :)
The water can be a killer at first, but you'll get used to it. The benefits have been amazing for me, my skin looks great for the first time in about 13 years lol.
You can have tablet sweeteners but not the powdered ones.


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S: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb
Thanks for that advice, it is just might be nice to have black tea with sweetners rather than water all the time, I can drink it but prefer it with flavour. Ill defo get getting some flavouring when my CD rep allows me to. x


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Yeah I think your ok to have sweeteners but try not to. My CDC said that you can have Coke Zero if you have to have anything but not a lot of it. My day 2-3 were my worst, I was being sick and didnt feel well at all. I've found out it can be a side effect of having all of the minerals in one go. If you do try to have the shakes/soups in half portions with the same amount of water and space them out.

It is hard sometimes because everyone else is eating but I just think I know what that tastes like so I dont need to try it again! Plus if I dont stick to it its only me thats going to lose in the long run.

Let me know how you get on x


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Well done of getting through day :)
The water can be a killer at first, but you'll get used to it. The benefits have been amazing for me, my skin looks great for the first time in about 13 years lol.
You can have tablet sweeteners but not the powdered ones.
I thought you could have powdered sweeteners but not tablets???

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