Hi i've been on the cambridge diet so many times and i just can't seem to keep to it. the longest i ever did was 2.5 days! i'm so pathetic!

anyway id like to hear some success stories, like how much you guys have lost so far, how you coped with starting, and all that. i really have a big big big problem with starting. i really wanna make the best use of CD cos i'd be spending the next 1 week or so at home, which means that i dun have to worry about inconvenience or anything. but im just so afraid i wun be able to stick to it!

hope to get some support from this forum! looking to experiencing a long long long journey with CD cos i have quite a bit to lose. :(
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Congratulations on deciding to start again.

This is my first time doing CD, Im in my fourth week almost, I get weighed tomorrow and fingers crossed I would have lost another 4lb, which would bring me up to 1 stone and 7 lbs :)

I have another 6.5 stone to lose, which is alot. How much do you need to lose?

The first few days are the hardest, but when you're tempted to eat, just say to yourself " what do I want more, that piece of food which will last seconds or that size 12 dress" it works for me :)

I have tried so many diets and have no will power at all, so If I can do this, then Im certain you will be able to.

keep focused, keep positive, fantasize about how you'll feel and what you'll do when you're slim.

And keep posting, the guys here have helped me so much and they will support you 100% all the way.

Good luck for tomorrow.

Bigmama2littlemama xx


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Good luck with your restart, I restarted just over a week ago and lost 12lb in my first week, I did cd last year and lost 4st but then went back to my old ways and put it back on but this time I will succeed and so will you!! Keep positive and take it 1 day at a time. Sarahxx.


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I weigh in tomorrow,it will be my 5th weigh in and I don't think I have lost alot as it has been add a meal week.However in the first 4 weeks I have lost exactly 2st and feel so much better in myself

Good Luck on restarting,you'll be a month in in no time at all :)