Starting weight watchers again for the last time x


Hi everyone im sarah a mom and wife who has been overweight since the birth of my 1st child 11 yrs ago. I have tried ww a couple of times in the past and have lost some weight but have stopped after a few months and then put all the weight back on. This time i am determined to stick to it 100% and get to my goal weight and be happier and healthier than i have been in a long time. Any way thats a bit about me hope everyone is doing great xx
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Hello!! welcome and lots of luck! hope this is the time for you!! :)


Hiya Chucks!!
With that fab positive attitude im sure you will get there in no time at all.
good luck with your journey.


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Welcome and goodluck!

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Hi all

I'm also a newbie to this forum and just want to say what a fantastic site this is. I stumbled upon it a few weeks back and it has given me the motivation to get back on to weight watchers.

Ive been on weight watcher a few times and after a year or two of being far too good to myself its time to get back onto counting those points. In the past I've usually been pretty good at sticking to it and getting to my target and I'm sure with the help and support I've seen so far here it'll keep me on track!! I officially started on Monday and so far so good, fingers crossed!!

I've also just realised that spending time on this form distracts me from thinking about food, yeyh!!

Hope everyone is having a successful start to the year. Looking forward to sharing some of my experiences with you all.

Joanne x


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welcome to you both! good luck - am sure you can both do it :) x


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Good luck with your plans! You can do this - there is certainly plenty of WW support on Minimins. Have you looked at IreneH' and Starlights diaries? Totally inspiring!


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hello :welcome:
im new to the forum too - joined in october but only just started back on the WW this week after having my baby 6 weeks ago.

lets hope we can do it together and make this time the time we do it and feel fantastic about ourselves!!

suz x


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Welcome to you all and good luck with WW!


Hi well im into day 4 of ww and have to say im really getting into without any problems. I have spent quite alot of time reading through everyones posts on here as im at home all day looking after my youngest, there are so many inspiring people on here who have done amazingly well i hope i can do just as well as them :) anyways just wanted to let u all know how im getting on and hope everyone is having a good day thanks xx


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good to see you're getting on well with it :) once you have your head round it most of it becomes second nature. Good luck for the rest of the week - i'm sure you'll see a good loss :) x


Thanks for your reply you have done great, im still trying to work out how do everything on here but im sure it will come easier after a while :) xx


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Welcome and good luck on your weightloss journey!x