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Starting Weightwatchers from Slimmingworld.

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by hazel1989, 17 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. hazel1989

    hazel1989 Member

    Morning Guys,

    Im hoping you guys can help me i have been doing slimming world on and off for 2years. but im struggling to get any were.
    So i was going to try weight watchers. My nearest group is on a saturday morning so im going to join that.
    i was wondering if anyone can make me understand it im getting confussed i went to a group last year and didnt stay as i was so confussed,
    as then i weighed less than i do now and i was only allowed 19 points which i went home and had a look and didnt think it was enough.

    I now weigh more now 13st 8 and im 5ft 5inch how many points do you think i will be allowed as i want to start today instead of waiting another week till saturday.

    Sorry to be a pain,

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  3. Claree__x

    Claree__x Well-Known Member

    I think you probably joined when it was the old points? I'm not sure though.

    Now I think the minimum is 26 daily points and 49 weekly points to use over and above them.
  4. hazel1989

    hazel1989 Member

    o is it, is everything pointed then including fruit and veg can you have anything free like diet coke? :s
    im so confussed,
  5. Claree__x

    Claree__x Well-Known Member

    Most fruit & veg is free - potatoes are one exception I can think of. Diet juice is free too. So are most spices and low fat dressings etc x
  6. hazel1989

    hazel1989 Member

    Aww thankyou for your help, i want to start today i have bought some weight watchers youghrts and a quiche and a chocolate waffer, if i stick to 26points do you think ill be ok, do u have to weigh everything that is not alreaded pointed for.

  7. Claree__x

    Claree__x Well-Known Member

    Yeah you weigh everything really :)

    If you're sure about doing ww then you should sign up for the monthly pass, it's only £10 for the first month and the online tools are really good - gives you the points for everything.

    I seen a ******* deal last week for a discount on membership but I dunno if it's still on x
  8. hazel1989

    hazel1989 Member

    Ooo i actually have one of them vouchers in my magazine. Ill use that on saturday,
    Can i ask how much you have lost? i need to loose 3st by November do you think this is do able? :s xx
  9. Claree__x

    Claree__x Well-Known Member

    I only started last Tuesday so I've not had a weigh in yet! I lost a stone on it before and I was hardly trying so it definitely works!
  10. iwannabslim30

    iwannabslim30 Well-Known Member

    I'm the same height as you and weight 14stone, I'm currently on 30 points a day, so if you try 29 for the week you should be fine, you also get an extra 49 weekly points that you can use if you like, I sometimes split mine down into a extra 7 a day or use them if I know I'm having a meal out, good luck :)
  11. nicoleaimee

    nicoleaimee chunky chick :-)

    Hi, I've just joined after doing really well on slimming world, lost over 7 st but just over a st has creeped back on so I'm back to it again before it gets out of control!

    Good luck x
  12. Nomes

    Nomes Well-Known Member

    I'm the same as you and I'm on 30 points a day!
  13. SJH1985

    SJH1985 Well-Known Member

    Hi there, please could someone work out for me how many points I would be allowed as I'm getting myself confused!

    Female adult
    5ft 10 in height
    28 years old
    179 lbs :-(
    Moderately active although I sit down all day at work and exercise 2-3 times a week.

    Many thanks in advance :) Xxx
  14. Dan8317

    Dan8317 Well-Known Member

    31pp then your weekly of 49 on top. Good luck

    Dan x
  15. SJH1985

    SJH1985 Well-Known Member

    thanks very much :) Xxx
  16. CLH_X3

    CLH_X3 Well-Known Member

    Hazel if you stick to it then I'm sure you could lose t
    the 3st or close to 3st by November

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