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Starting when I get back from holiday!

Hiya everyone!

I got Rosemary Conley's amazing inch loss plan book in January and then decided to try the solo slim food which i didnt get on with too well and after that my determanation just disapeered. I stuck to a smoothie diet for a few weeks and I have lost a stone but I still have 8 more to go!! :cry:

Anyways im off to Majorca on Sunday with my best friend and I am looking forward to it, just not looking forward to the beach with my cellulite and having to plan ahead with what I can wear to make sure it will hide my flabby arms or tummy or fat thighs.. Im fed up with this now! I also hate it when people go, well you have got a really pretty face.. Brilliant.. I just wanna finish there sentance off and go yeh shame bout my body isnt it. It annoys me. Rant over lol.

So when I get back from holiday I am going to lose weight! All 8 stone of it! and then maintain. I have just bought a airwalker/cross trainer thing so thats getting delivered when Im away so I will leave my bf to put that together lol and I am going to put together a menu and plan. Any other ideas or tips because I really need all the help I can get!


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Hello and :welcome:

OOH enjoy your hols, very envious indeed. Enjoy your food and drink whilst your there and you can be a saint when you get back.:p

Look forward to hearing from you when you get back.

Tip - drink loads of water and add 2/3 veg to EVERYTHING you eat.



"Im fed up with this now! I also hate it when people go, well you have got a really pretty face"

I get fed up when people say - "ooh you can tell you've lost weight your face is looking thinner". Thats great cos thats where i wanted to loose it from, thanks - NOT!!!!!
Thanks Hun!

I'm stressing myself out so much right now trying to find a diet I can stick to. Worrying it wont work, what will work and changing my mind and doubting my decisions. It's so stupid but im really panicing. I'm so close to getting a gastric band but I really don't want to and I want to lose the weight by myself. It's so so hard tho. :(

I'm considering maybe just eating rice crispies altho i know that is mad I just have no idea wht to do next? x
Yup been like this myself - MANY times!

I came off SW as i just wasnt getting anywhere at all and liked the idea of a fresh idea/ plan / diet and said to myself i would give it 10 days for the kick start plan - i am still here! I find i have more control over this diet than any other.

See how you feel when you get back - come back here and have a chat.


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