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Starting Xenical!!


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Hi girls

I got Xenical today from my doctor, & I'm going to start it on monday, after I've got lots of lovely low-fat food in the house.

Has anyone had any bad side-effects? headaches etc?

Also does anyone know if you are able to have a "day off" from the tablets? I'm planning a big slap-up family meal for Easter Sunday & I really don't want to go without the roast lamb, roasties & gravy!!!

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I know for some people they can stop taking xenical and be ok with a normal meal but i tried this myself when i went out to a restaurant for my bday meal in feb and i still had the bad reaction to fatty foods so seems the day before tablets had an effect.

Iv not had any side effects as such, no headaches or anything although lots of toilet trips but then i think that's just the tablets doing their job.


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Hi Lins and welcome to Minis :) I've had no side effects while on Xenical. When I've been out for a meal with family, I've made choices that are ok with the Xenical, so I've never not taken a tablet.


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Do you really need the meal though.. :p
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Hi Lins,

I`m afraid i`m no good for advice as i`m not on the diet yet.

Just wanted to welcome you and wish you good luck

LiSe xX


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Be careful with Lamb, it is a very fatty meat, my mum who is also on Xenical has eaten it twice during her journey and won't be eating it a third time! lol

Even though she thought she had really lean meat it still caused slight toilet troubles, not major but enough to put her off.

Please forgive me if this is unwanted advice, but, as someone has already said... do you really need the meal?

If so there are ways of making it low fat, i.e. water roast potatoes and gravy made without the meat juices, and chicken instead of lamb! lol

Whatever you decide, enjoy it :D


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Hi everyone :p

Thanks for all of your replies. I think I knew what the advice would be! Silly me.

I know you're right, I really should make the effort. I must rethink!!!!

Jax, what are water roast potatoes?

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Um, I went on xenical for a while.....lets just say after 2nd day I er fluffed in the bath and had to get out and run a fresh one :-( sorry if TMI, but be very careful and like the other lovely ladies before me have said, stay as low fat as possible and good luck!!! xx


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I've been on Xenical since Monday. I've had no 'accidents' or anything but I've been behaving, daren't be naughty just in case! Which was the main reason for me wanting them. My stomach has been grumbling a lot and been feeling bloated, thats only problem I've had, but it's not bad. Hope you get on ok.


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Hi Lins,

Water roast potatoes...... par boil your potatoes then place in a roasting tin, add water so that it comes half way up spuds, i then spray with frylight and roast as normal (mum doesn't use frylight and hers are nice too :))

They turn a lovely brown colour and look just like normal roast potatoes. They're not quite as yummy as normal roast potatoes but they make a really good and low fat substitute :D

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Hi this is my 3rd day and i can honestley say i feel no different ...maybe a bit more posative and in control. I havnt picked at any left over food and looking forward to the summer a bit more. Good luck Sharon x


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Hiya Sharon, good to hear you're doing well and are feeling positive. I'm starting on xenical on Thursday (getting it from Boots, gp wouldn't prescribe) so its good to hear positive stories. Good luck with the diet-same to you aswell Lins :)

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