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yes you have to see a CDC, the packets on average cost £2 each so it would cost you £54 a week, some CDC charge a reg fee, but mine doesn't, you usually buy weekly supplys
Exante is half the price, but you don't get a councillor and you have to buy online. Losses are the same. Cd have more choice tho, like porridge n tetra packs . Good luck in whatever you decide xoxo
Prices vary from consultant to consultant - four packs a day for me is £48/week, more if I want the pre-mixed shakes. Your best option to find out exactly how much it will cost you is to email/call some consultants and ask about their prices.
It does sound like an awful lot a week, but since I have stopped eating with the family our bills have nearly halved (not that I ate tons of stuff but I buy them different stuff to what I would have with them) and actually save £40 a week that way..... so I have it to spend on CD....


Slowly but surely x
my packs cost £1.50 each - I have teo a day and a bar at £1.90. Thus £40.60 a week for me and my counsellor comes to me and I lover her....she is very considerate x
My packs are £1.75 each and bars £1.95 but no registration fee. Never bought tetra's so don't know

Water flavouring is £6.95 or something...

How come the prices vary so much? 50p per shake difference between Kirsty's £1.50 and most people paying £2 - that's a £10.50 difference on 21 packs which is a lot.(and she has no travelling costs to see the counsellor - rumbly, you are getting a total bargain!)

I guess the CDC's get a recommended price list then charge what they like?


Slowly but surely x
my counsellor comes to see me - she is a travelling nutritionist as well as CDC counsellor. Straight up - the shakes are £1.50 each and the bars are £1.90

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