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just need to vent my thoughts, on day of my own vlcd, and am starving! Had so far today, a pack of low fat crisps, a nectarine, 2 bowls of home made veg soup. Am having jacket spud with salad and tuna mayo for tea and can't wait! Am trying to be good until I can afford to order some meal replacement shakes from Avidlite, ordering them tomorrow. I'm trying to lose as much as I can while my son is off school and I'm not working as much, as I find it easier when Im not working and running about with the school run etc.
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Are you taking any supplements as well?

Personally I would have said that rather than do "your own" VLCD til you can get your shakes you would be better off eating a high-protein low-carb diet or possibly a low-fat calorie-controlled one.

What you have described above is too many carbs for you to be in ketosis so you will be hungry. It's also going to be quite high in fat and missing many of the essential nutrients that your body needs.

The providers of VLCDs have spent many years and a lot of money ensuring that their products deliver all the essential nutrients required, and it's very very difficult to get all those nutrients just from eating food as you won't be having enough of anything!

I'm not going to say "don't do it" cos it's up to you at the end of the day, but I am going to say that you should be aware of the potential side-efects and dangers of what you are doing and just have a think about it.

If you go low-carb now it may well help you ease into your shakes diet with less of the usual first-week horrors (headaches, tiredness, cramps etc) in the long term.


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thanks Yambabe, I'm ordering some meal replacement stuff on Avidlite today. Just having a look on here as to what is a meal replacement, and what is just like a 'snack' to have in addition. Its a minefield! I tried Lipotrim in January, but couldn't stick it, and it's too expensive for me to do at the moment. Thanks for your advice though. Also, I'm going to get some vitamins as a supplement, and possibly some fibre supplements from the chemist.
Good plan!

As a general rule most of the Avidlite products that are suitable for TFR have "MRP" in their name...... I sometimes order stuff from them to top up my exante supplies but I've not tried the shakes.
hi im on the lipotrim tfr and only just started week 2 and im well i ketosis but today i felt STARVING i dont know if its because of totm or because im feeling really unwell but its been the hardest day bar far so totally understand when you say your starving but i wish you well on your journey x x x

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