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Stay or go?

Do you stay for image therapy or just weigh and go?

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I now stay every week - I've had a few attempts at SW within the last few years and I feel that I need the motivation and support to keep me on track!

Since I joined (again) in April this year - I stay every time and am still enjoying it! (although my weight loss has reduced recently!)

I love speaking to everyone about ideas and hearing about their week. I also love seeing people getting smaller too!


wants a new body
i stay every week got a great group and great consultant xxx
have voted
i also have a great group and great consultant which is why i stay every week apart from this week when i asnt well


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i stayed for the 1st few months then started dodging class after getting weighed.

the main reason i do this is that i do shift work and only get 2 evenings at home mon-fri, one of them being weigh-in night, so i like to be at home and not sat with a load of bints moaning about how many pies they've eaten! :D
I stay every week, where possible - I have a part time job that sometimes requires me to work wednesday evenings so in those instances I either can't go orI just weigh in and shoot off to work.

One of the reasons I like staying is because of my competitive streak - I'm the classes biggest loser so I like to keep an eye on my rivals lol

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