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Stayed the same for two weeks how can i lose again?

I would say plan all meals in advance where possible. That way you know what free food you are having and what syn allowance will be left for you to use.
Have you been trying really hard and still not lost? Try keeping a food diary. Be honest with yourself and write down everything that passes your lips.

Are you doing extra easy?Maybe try doing a red or green week xx
Im following the green days as a veggie, was thinking maybe i need a change to start losing again? The slimming world consultant did say something about fast forward but iv no idea what it is! The only things i can think of is that iv not had as much chili,coke as i usually do but surely that doesn't make a difference??
Also iv not been having my healthy A so maybe i need to start doing the same. Iv not eaten much this week so maybe i need to eat more? Usually when i eat a lot i lose. Iv never gained and only stayed the same once before.
Also I'm nearly in a size 12 now and iv never been smaller then a 12 so maybe that's how my body is happy? So confused. Im 12 stn 6 atm and really want to be 10 stn by xmas
Thank you xxx


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Do you do one third superfree on your plate? I know it is not mandatory on green but I really think that it should be!
Really two weeks is not that long that I would start worrying or thinking about FF - but you may find you need to think about your portions of free foods. When you get near to target you may not be able to get away with the portions that you could when you were bigger.
That really makes sense thanks for that, what sort of superfoods could i have? Sorry the whole super foods thing confuses me thank you x


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It is simple really!

Any fruit and veg except:

Ideally put them on your plate before the free food and eat as part of the meal - this way there is less room on the plate for free food and you naturally limit how much of them you consume

Any that you include when cooking the dish also count as superfree - so onion, tomatoes, mushrooms in a spag bol are part of your third superfree

But start by posting a food diary and take it from there
try the speed food challenge

i done it last week!

eat at least 10 speed or superspeed foods every day!

its really easy.

I was having melon for early breakfast while i was cooking my proper breakfast of mushroom, beans, boiled eggs and bacon.

i was eating an alpen light bar with raspberries covered in muller light

I really like tomatoes so i would chop them and eat them with salt and pepper. as a snack

i was havin beans or mushy peas with my dinner with another veg like broccoli or something and then some oranges later on

i was eating pineapple at night time too with some more raspberries or strawberries. its so easy to fit speed or super speed foods in to get your 10 sometimes i was getting alot more.

try it :)

good luck x


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oooh, speed food challenge sounds good. Did it work and boost your loss?? ( although tecnically at target, i put on a few pounds and cant seem to shift them off again)
yeah it deffo helpped me

i lost 3lbs this week :)

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