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Stayed The Same & Gained Inches WTF??


Been following SS without cheating, and at my WI last week i stayed the same. Was gutted, to say the least. My CDC recommended I add a meal for a week, which i have done, but the scales have not budged. I'm drinking 4 litres of water a day, have about 3 bars per week, and no naughty extras. What's going on? Can't even console myself that I'm losing inches, when i was measured last week I'd GAINED!!!!! My CDC is puzzled, I'm puzzled - has this happened to anyone else? For the first time since i started this diet i feel i'm losing faith in it.....
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Finally a size 12!

You may have a HUGE loss next week i lost 2 one week and was gutted then week after i lost 5!!! Stick with it hun xxxxxxx Plus could be water retention as well
Thanks girls, I definitely feel bloated, but it's not TOTM...how on earth can i not lose weight, i'm taking in so little? I can't do any more than i'm doing now, so i will stick with it, and hopefully it will eventually come off....


Please don't worry hun....
The body does the strangest things,it will rebel and sometimes fight against losses.
Sometimes when you are loosing fat, the cells panic and fill the empty cells will water, therfore no loss on the scales and a gain in inches.

Stick with it...show those fat cells who's boss, they will eventually let it go!

Look at my last couple of weeks!!!!


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