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Slimming down the aisle
Morning ladies... and gents, I know there are a few of you hiding out there!

Could spot a daily thread so thought I'd make one, hope that's ok with you all. I've got an extremely boring weekend planned really, as I don't have much energy for anything else. I'm pretty sick of being tired though, I just want to go back to being normal, but it's been so long I can't remember what normal feels like!

So today in the day I'm going to work on my dissertation, there isn't anything much I can do to it until I get my final set of question answers back from a festival, but until then I'm just going to go through and try and tidy it up a bit and improve little bits where I can.

My sister might be coming over later today and staying here so she can head off in the morning to see her boyfriend, there are no buses on Sundays where she and my parents live and her boyfriend lives here in Birmingham. And then tomorrow I think me and some friends are thinking of heading to an anti valentines party which sounds good to me!

Hope whatever you're all doing you have great days, stay 100% and glug that water!

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I've got a pretty quiet weekend planned too, nothing much happening at all - might go out with hubby later today, possibly go for a walk, could do with doing some housework but I've not started it yet = playing on avoidance tactics in the hopes it goes away ;)

Going to concentrate on drinking all the water over the weekend (and Monday as I've booked a day off) - always struggle with the water more when I'm at home so will concentrate on giving it a good try!

Caroline your anti valentines party sounds like fun - hope it's a good one ..... and you never know you might come out of there with a valentine lol
morning have a great day everyone, were taking our son on his first trip to cinema really looking forward to it have a brill saturday and no munchies !!!!!!!!


Slimming down the aisle
How are your avoidance tactics working out for you Katie? Mine aren't doing too well, going to have to get on and tidy soon!

Well yeah, I could leave with a valentine I guess, but I highly doubt it!

Sasha how old is your son? What are you going to see? Hope you have fun!


likes to post
Morning everyone, I've got a fairly quite day planned too. Housework and catching up on dh accounts not done them for a couple of weeks, also completing dd student loan forms - why are they so complicated, seem to take ages in getting all info together for them. She's already done her bit, but as dh was made redundant last year our part is complicated he's back working for himself so we have to estimate earning on current year basis.


please try again
geez im so bored

didnt wake up till midday, not good when you have a child was just so tired, still trying desperatly to keep my eyes open, could sleep for a week and i went to bed at 10pm last night

wanted to try and watch the home and away omnibus today, havnt been able to watch it in a couple months now but no theres a match on so as always i dont get my choice on

might nip out later and get kaya a valentines day treat
Caroline I avoided the housework but I did go on the walk - did another 3 mile one and was a bit quicker than lat week (same walk) so that's an achievement - didn't tire me out quite the same either so I'h happy with that ... now just got to keep it up.

Had a text while we wre out that hubby's brother, partner and 2 little girls are coming round to see us in an hour so am looking forward to that now (another reason to avoid the housework).

Claire I love your new avatar - you look lovely in it.

Right off to down a nice pint ..... of summer berry flavoured water ;)

Catch you all in a little while xx


please try again
thanks katie, thats what i look like when i make the effort to do my hair and make up ( and take pics in flattering light and from the "right" angle, lol

normally i look like the old, harrgard fat girl


Laugh in the face of food
Well, I've done the housework:party0011:, cleaned out the kitchen cupboards, and now I'm sitting watching the rugby. I'm technically On-call for work but as there's now rugby on all afternoon (I've been dragged up on rugby for those who don't know me :happy036:) I hope I don't get called out. I;ve even gone so far as rearranging all my shifts so they don't clash with the 6 Nations. I just forgot about today:sigh:.

So that should keep me occupied until later. I'm 1 and a half litres into my :tear_drop:water:tear_drop: drinking too, so not doing too badly really.

Be back later with an update. Hope everyone esle is managing to keep themselves occupied and angelic xxx
How are your avoidance tactics working out for you Katie? Mine aren't doing too well, going to have to get on and tidy soon!

Well yeah, I could leave with a valentine I guess, but I highly doubt it!

Sasha how old is your son? What are you going to see? Hope you have fun!
he's 3 end of next month and were seeing alvin & the chipmunks !! he loves them so a bit treat for him
Hope he enjoys it Sasha - my niece who has been visiting today is 3 and she went to the cinema for the first time last Saturday and the biggest news was she had popcorn, that's all she kept telling me :)

Got a hungry feeling today, I know it's only mental hunger and I'm not giving into it -- strangely though it's got better and easier since hubby started cooking, he's doing Italian and it smells lovely but funnily the smells of that do ease the hunger.


please try again
well foind out today my mums deteriorated again and shes now at end stage ( vascular alzhimers) so were going down to see her tomorrow

have had it with my dad, i called him ( thats how i found out about mum ) to arrange to go see him next week, well he dodged that question and asked stuff about older sis ( who decided she didnt want to see me and kaya ever again as she decided to go see her mate on the day we had arranged to go see her in december and i couldnt re arrange it on the day she wanted as had plans with baby sis. she said i never do what she wants so after alot of her swaering weve not spoken since. ) well my dad had her in the room and on speaker phone and when i started to explain she started bad mouthing again. if he wanted my side of it he should have asked when she wasnt there
he also then started asking questions bout kaya, asked me if she can walk. now hes met kaya before and knows she can walk but that she wears leg splints to do so, now im wondering who was in the room listening in and what was the purpose of asking questions about her that he knows the answers to

im just sick of the way my dad and older sister treat me, i keep inviting them to visit me and they just dont show up and yet they complain i dont go see them enough, that i dont do what they want ( yet no one cares what i want or the fact kaya has to be my first priority )

anyways i stayed strong and on cambridge, still have 2 shakes to go and more water ( have had my minimum, i just like a little extra )
Oh Claire that all sounds so awful - families just mess with us completely sometimes --- you just make sure that you put yourself first as you deserve it -- well done on staying strong through all of it xx


Laugh in the face of food
Claire sounds like your family are giving you a rough time. hope things get better for you soon. x

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