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Staying positve and strong

Hi all,
I'm thinking of starting Lipotrim again as I was on it before and lost a stone. However, I self sabotaged on 3rd week and its been a slippery slope since then. I turned to WW for awhile and lost a stone and a half but lost my motivation and found the small losses disheartening.

Anyway, to get to the point, I've been yo yoing for years making myself more and more miserable. Im now at my heaviest at 14 and a half stone and I am truly desperate. I just want to know how the inspirational people on this site keep so strong and how they avoid the negativity which I am prone to. Already hairloss is worrying me but Im willing to go through that as I desperately want to be slim. Im trying to psyche myself up for Lipotrim as Im determined not to fail this time. As usual Im all determined at the beginning but can anyone advise me on how to keep up the momentum??

I'm truly inspired by the wonderful people on this suit and any words of encouragement would be appreciated.

Also, can I add that Im a divorced single Mom who has isolated herself from friends etc especially as the weight has shot up. I'm more often than not very down on myself and part of me thinks I shouldnt be happy, thus self sabotage. Has anyone been through something similar and how did they make themselves strong and to have the ability to succeed on Lipotrim?

There are wonderful, sincere and inspiring people on here. It would be great to hear how you overcame negativity and how you got the strength to carry through with your Lipotrim goals? I'm even embarrassed to face the pharmacist for lipotrim as my confidence has nose dived. One time I was strong, just want to be even stronger and finish what Ive started this time.

Thanks for reading my post, I know its long winded. x
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I think most people on here can identify with what you're saying!
I did LT a few years back - very successfully. But I had personal tragedy a few months after finishing - up to then I'd been great about getting back to my target immediately after a holiday/weekend away etc. Anyway this situation happened 4 weeks before Christmas and between loosing my focus and then having loads of parties and then Christmas, I gained a little - not half as much as I thought in my head and I should just have tackled it in the new year, but I didn't - or rather I tried to and couldn't and there starts a cycle!! Then work was really busy (but it had been too during the LT days!) and suddenly I was back grabbing an unhealthy sandwich and eating chocolate etc etc. By the following Christmas, I'd gained back alot of what I'd lost and I was a bit like you, too embarrassed to go back to pharmacy - I did try other pharmarices, but never maanged to do more than a week or two! The next year I got a personal trainer and was put on a low carb, low fat diet - great until I had a holiday and while I kept up the training sessions, I couldn't get my head around the food side. Quit the training as well towards the end of the summer and then ate all round me - and by Christmas I wasn't quite back to where I started, but I practically was by New Year.
Now I've always been overweight, but I've also always been a great walker. Love it and walk quickly and briskly and even if I stop for months, I'm back at it no problem - same lose or gain weight, can still walk at same brisk pace. Early this year, was in situation where I needed to walk to an event - probably a mile, 2 at absolute outside. And I could barely do it! First of all, I was going at snail's pace - which is not me! And secondly, I had cramps in my legs and I was feeling out of breath (I had runners on, so had right gear). It frightened me to death and for me that was the turning point. I couldn't fool myself any longer, I had let the situation get dangerous.

I think we all have some light-bulb moment. I have never cited health as a reason to loose weight - always how I look, but I realised this year that was becuase I was always healthy enough in my own head.

Yes it's hard and yes there are days when I hate all of this. And when I started this, all I could see what the long road ahead and I hated myself for ending back here yet again. And week 1 was so so hard. But I got through it and focused on the weigh-in - and I was down 13 pounds. I could feel it on my neck straight away and see it on my face - it's like both tightened up a bit! Then I had a wedding a few weeks after that and my focus was to look a bit better for that - and I did. Then I had a family event another few weeks after that and that was my next focus - and despite the most terribly rainy day, I showed up in white jeans and a sleeveless back top (neither of which had fitted a month earlier) Then I had a holiday a few weeks later and I'd always intended to refeed for it. I did - although I started the refeed a little early and didn't get back onto TFR for a little longer than planned. But I got back and I dropped the gain in the first week. One lesson I learned from that one is face the gain - i was convinced I'd put on stones and I refused to weigh myself and a week passed - and then I put on some item of clothes and it was nearly as loose as it had ever been, so I did step on the scales and I'd gained 7 lbs - okay it was a lot, but not the stones I'd built it up to!
Since then, I've come off it once more due to a mixture of illness and an event - I could have got through the event, but I ended up in agony with some kind of bug and came off it to take medication. I'm back on it since last week and again I've dropped the gain in the first week (actually part-of)
I kow you're depressed right now, but look at it this way. Today is Monday, if you do nothing, you'll feel the same next Monday. If instead you got to a pharmacy today and start tomorrow, by next Monday, you'll have dropped some weight. Decide when starting what you're going to do. Set yourself some targets - for me I set jeans!! I have a series of jeans - I'm comfortably into the first pair and I can actually wear the 2nd pair as well - although another half stone will mean I can wear them with a tucked in top!! The final pair are still a way off - but at least they come up over me now! Once I'm back into them and able to wear with a short or tucked in top, then I'm there. But if that had been my only target ages back, I'd have never made it this far!!!
Best of luck with it. And face the pharmacy! What you see on the scales that day is irrelevant - and you won't see it again. The pharmacist will be delighted to see you - I know I build up embarrassment in my head too, to the point where I can't sleep before a re-start - and then it all goes fine and they're great and motivating and I feel wonderful walking back out!!!

Things are never as bad as you think they will be!!!

And do have any friends who are over-weight? Do you judge them as you've decided they're judging you? I know I do have overweight friends and I don't (but I do think they're looking me up and down!!)
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That was a lovely reply frankiec xx

I think it applies to most of us overweight guys and gals.. Playing things up in our heads too much and before you know it the problem is blown way out of proprtion.. We seem to seek others opinions and acceptance when really the one person we need to accept ourselves is us!!
I am constantly looking to my bf or mum or sister for approval of what to eat, what to wear and I won't even go shopping on my own as I need someone there to tell me yeah that's nice you should buy that!!
I seem to eat when I'm happy and when I'm with people.. It just sort of brings people together somehow don't you think?? Like family parties, christmases and birthdays alike..

Candyfloss do stay positive and get back to it.. Try to think of what you want and not what others want you to do.. This has clouded my life for so long and probably will continue to do so but I am trying to work on this.. We can do it together Hun.

Take Care xx
Thanks to the two kind people above who replied to my post, the people on this are so nice and genuine and I know I'll be using this site while Im on my weightloss journey. Anyway, I bit the bullet and went to the pharmacy today instead of putting it off till Thursday. Starting tomorrow. My weight is 14 stone 11, worse than I thought but Im just glad I got to the pharmacy, not as hard as I thought. And you never guess, the pharmacist was lovely; the last time she was a dragon, she must have had an epiphany because she was way nicer. I honestly didnt imagine her nastiness the last time but I am grateful for her change of attitude. Maybe my attitude has changed too!!!!! Girls, thanks for your great advice, Ive decided to be totally positive about the journey ahead. I had been feeling awful, had actually lost all hope but pulled myself together this morning. The only way is up, I know there will be downers but feel more prepared this time. Will be looking forward to hearing all your experiences on this and I wish you every success coz I know we're all in this together. xxx
S: 17st6lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 2st11lb(15.98%)
That we are candyfloss.. If ever we need a rant or some support we are all here for each other.. Good Luck hun xx
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just come on here whenever you feel like giving up or if you're having a bad day. it really helps. everyone's here for you and the support makes the whole experience go by so much quicker and makes it 100 times easier.
i've got just under 2 weeks left on TFR before i refeed and i'm terrified haha. but this site has been a life saver!

good luck, and i hope you get the results you want and that your confidence comes back so you can really enjoy your 'new life' and the new you x
Thanks for all the support. I absolutely love this site coz we're all in the same boat. None of my friends actually know about this, this time. I've decided to keep it to myself as I cant face another, ''Here she goes again'' etc. All my friends are skinny, lovely people but slim. I work in a job where everyone seems so together and sorted, Im the Black Sheep of the lot, haha. But hey, thats not a bad thing, I guess.

When I do reach goal and jeesus I hope I do this time and when I am slim, Ill always be different because of the struggle Ive had and Ill always be empathetic towards people who struggle with their weight and who may not be as sorted as other people. So, theres a reason why Ive had this struggle, Id love to help other people when I get myself sorted. So people, even though we're overweight, and different to the norm, we have something to offer. Gotta Believe It!!!! X

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