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Staying to class....


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I stay for class... I think it helps keep me on the straight and narrow and I also get a lot of help from the other members. I find it's nice being in a room with people on the same journey.... no one is there to judge you because they wouldn't want judging themselves.

Can you have a word with your consultant and explain that you really want to stay but you feel a little embarassed and for now could she not focus on you too much but just say what needs to be said and then move on? That way you can benefit and maybe gain some confidence to the point where you will be able to offer advice to others.
Thats what i feel i need to stay but the group is very big and have over 60 members that stay so i just feel like i can stay. and like if i ask a question i am wasting there time.


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Speak to your consultant, and say that you'd rather she didn't read your details out, and I'm sure she'll be happy enough with that - that way you can stay to class and not feel embarrassed about it?


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But your paying your fee every week just like them... you have every right to ask any question you like and I bet if your sat there thinking something there are at least two other wondering the same in your class.

I know what it is like to feel invisible and that you don't matter... it's an awful feeling but please, please believe me when I say everyone matters... you matter.

Do you ever call or email your consultant?


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I stay to class most weeks as I am encouraged by peoples stories and weight losses. I am very quiet in class and we do also have a large group. When the consultant speaks to me I do sometimes feel on the spot but it is nice to get the well done from the group when I have had a loss.
I do better motivation wise if I stay to class and think its really good if you can stay. Our consultant says if you don't want to be spoken to etc just let her know and she won't put you on the spot so it is worth speaking to yours. They are there to help you and can't do that if you don't make a bit of an effort to let them get to know you.


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I do email my lady, and she said her and another leader have been watching all my post on here.

Hmm, I wonder if any of them post on here!!!

Anyway, if you have 60 members your consultant must whizz round the group during Image Therapy!!

It is so good to stay though as if you have had a bad week it does make you realise that you are not on your own and when you get an award it is great to share and get some applause for your achievements.
Plus, you get some great advice too and it makes your £4.50 worth it!!


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I like to stay for image therapy. It's what keeps me going for the next week and if I have had a gain I go a little red but joke it off as I am sure we all do knowing we can get back track this next week:)


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Did they say why?
Yes as she fort i was saying i was doing sw and doing ww.
But as i explained to her when i was explained sw i didnt feel i understood this totally.
I will admit i have changed my sw leader many times . Along with the group for one i feel comfortable with.


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I used to get very embarrassed to start with, but the more you go the less embarrassing it gets, because you get to know the familiar faces. Stick with it and it gets easier! You could always sit in with the new ones again, and ask questions then or catch hold of her as people are starting to leave.
I go along with whats been said. Speak to your leader about not shouting out your loss/gain etc. I often find others experience helps, eg I work shifts which inc nights, now I might have a problem working out how to fit the plan into these shifts. My leader may not be able to answet this, but someone else might, or my experience may help someone else.
You can pick up lots of tips and as your confidence increases become more vocal in class. As said £4.50 is a lot to pay just to stand on a set of scales.;)
Does anyone one else feel a bit uneasy staying to a class?
I stayed once and felt very embarrsed to when they read how you have done and ask question. I keep changing my groups. Really want to stay but dont. Can anyone give me some advice? I really want to stay as will help my weight loss.

Yes I did - I tried a couple of classes and felt exactly the same so I now go it alone. I wish I could have got the confidence to stick it out but I'm just a bit rubbish in new social situations. If you can stick it out do - it sounds nice to have the extra support and there's the fact that you can talk about your diet with people who understand instead of boring your friends who don't seem to have to diet - lucky skinny gits!

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