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On EE they are if they are lean and grilled. However im not quite sure what "lean" means in terms of a steak. I think it just means trimming all the fat off, (so with a steak you wouldnt have a rib eye because the the whole thing is quite fatty). If anyone knows what "lean" means i'd appeciate knowing that to!


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Lol i meant asin cooking it not actually making it, i wouldn't know where to start haha! xx

So if it's free on extra easy would it also be free on a red? xx


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If you have a fillet, they are quite lean...but also the most expensive! Because a lot of steak is marbled with fat, I think it would be quite hard to trim all the fat off? :s


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I always cut all visible fat off and class it as free. Never been a problem.


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im a steak monster (grrr) i just trim the fat off - I have sirloin and fillet steaks....nom nom nommmmmmm

You will never get rid of ALL the fat from any meat. And it wouldn't be nice if you did!

And you can't get rid of all the fat from your diet, either. You need some.


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I just grill it (fillet - always!) and that removes some of the fat as it just drips down into the tray. Not much fat in a fillet steak really.
I was reading somewhere the other day (and I can't for the life of me remember where) that it really doesn't make much difference if you grill or fry a piece of meat. As long as the fat/oil is hot enough it will seal the outside of the meat before any can penetrate. Obviously, that doesn't apply if there is any coating on the meat, like breadcrumbs, because they will soak up the fat.