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Step 5 -1500 calories

I rarely bother with a breakfast, I know its bad. I wonder if I could do this plan, have the shake for dinner then have the meal in the evening thus lowering the calories. Then if I take a multi vitamin, im doing ok that way?

What do you think? :flirt2:

Course i would have to tell a white lie to my consellor but if im losing weight who will know?
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Slimming down the aisle
I really would recommend having breakfast. By doing that you're kick starting your metabolism in the morning and it'll really help.
I really would recommend having breakfast. By doing that you're kick starting your metabolism in the morning and it'll really help.
yeah your right Caroline, I know I wont be able to afford any more than 7 shakes a week, so will have to work out a healthy breakfast to have. :) xxx


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think nutritionally you would do well to just have a lil bit of muesli or something with milk in the morning... then your shake for lunch and a meal later... sounds more balanced that way?
Yeah ive just looked through the 1500 recipes and they look really nice (and cheap!), so thats good...even if I adapt them slightly. The kids would enjoy eating that too which is good. I reckon if i work out a weeks menu and stick to it, I will save money from having to ad lib dinner every day :) xx


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exactly that!
When im eating, i write a weeks 'menu' and stick to that, and just buy stuff for that weeks menu. Works out cheaper and theres no waste...


Slimming down the aisle
Just looked in the book and 1500 includes a breakfast of 300cal and has a number of options there. Do you have the yellow booklet? It starts on page 22


Slimming down the aisle
I agree with Aly, working out the week's menu is definitely a good way to do it, I did that as well. Easier for shopping and not wasting food, which if you're on a budget is always handy!
Ahh I just focused on the plan that had 1 shake in it, I suppose missing breakfast wont make much difference to weightloss. Was just thinking 1500 calories :eek: which seems alot!

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Porridge is the best breakfast ;)

You could also join the 1000-maintenance section if you wanted to and start a thread in there. Some of us post our food from time to time to stay accountable.

I'm not convinced you still need a pack when you are on 1500. I'd recommend though getting a program to count your calories, and keep an eye on your carb/fat/protein %.

There's a great program called Perfect Diet Tracker - info in the 1000-maintenance section. It does cost £35 but then you have it for life. You can just do a 7 day free trial so if you don't want to spend any money, just spend a week planning lots of different meals ;)

That said, I'm not sure on the best way for you to transition from where you are now to 1500. If I were you, I'd speak to your CDC and be up front. I'm sure you won't be the first person to be in this situation, and hopefully she'll be able to help you.
Thankyou Laura, I think the aspects of CD that are so important to me is the support of you guys and also from my CDC. I'm all at sixes and sevens right now so probably need to sleep on it and gather info. Thanks for the links I will take a look :) xx

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
There's some great CDCs out there and if yours is one, I'm sure she'll support you. At the end of the day, CD is a business for them and if they are savvy enough, they'll realise you will refer friends etc interested in the program/ go back to her if you can start the program in full again.

See what she can offer :D and I agree the forum is the best.

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