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Step One Completed

So I went to the pharmacy today for the first time.. this for me also being the first time admitting to someone I needed help in this area..

He was very nice, I filled out the form and passed with flying colours!

He told me that to get to my ideal weight I need to lost 6st 4lbs which he said is very doable. I really can't imagine what I'll look like when I'm that small.

So I'm starting on the 31st Dec as I'm going to Ireland next week for xmas till then.. My bag is full of women sized sachets (Chemist doesnt do mens) so twice the amount... a shaker and listerine strips.. I'm really looking forward to this challenge I love challenges and believe this could be the biggest one of all, even though im working in a bank in this climate!

Step two to follow.
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Yay Ollie! Well done for that first step. :happy096:
Just remember that the 1st 4-5 days are pretty awful, but if you stick with it 100% it gets easy then.
Try the choc one hot, with sweetener tablets (not the powder or granulated type) Use a stick blender, not your shaker, it'll explode with hot drinks.
ASDA, Sainsburys etc have stick blenders as cheap as a fiver.
The vanilla is nice hot with 2 teaspoons of coffee and sweeteners. I also like it with sweeteners and some cinnamon powder.
You can put chilli flakes and garlic granules in the chicken soup, it makes it quite tasty, also ground black pepper.
Don't forget to constantly sip your water through the day. Paracetamol is good for the headaches on days 3-4.
Be kind to yourself until you hit ketosis, you'll feel a bit grim, so rest and stay warm. Then you'll feel FAB!
Have a wonderful Irish Christmas, love, Cathy xxxx :xmassign:
u can put garlic granules and ground black pepper into the soup?! ooo it shouldnt be too bad then.. may have to invest in that stick blender then! :) thanks for the great advice... reading your chart it looks like its really working for you? must be delighted!

Happy xmas to you too.. hope its a great one! :)
Step One done! thats great! good job you like challenges coz your first week will be one! once you get through the first week it is smooth sailing really and you wont even notice it. its just that initial bit when your body is going into ketosis. drink plenty of water but sips... (im still horrified for that poor woman who died from drinking too much water in one go)
Ollie its amazing how the weight drops off you and you will notice that your clothes fit so much better and in no time they'll be dropping off you. ive only been on this 6 weeks and i have thrown away half my wardrobe! one thing you could do is take a before and after picture! it really helps coz for a while you wont be able to see a difference when you LOOK at yourself in a mirror but if you have 2 pics side by side you will be amazed at the change in yourself.
heya Bridetobe,

thank you... will be sure to take those pics... and prob maybe post up here! :) I don't return to work till the 5th of Jan so I will have some time to get used to it without the usual work stress!
Well done on the first step, when you start as others have mentioned the first 5 days are horrid but if your up for the challenge then you will stick to it and feel amazing at the end of the first week.
Just remember wrap up warm as you get freezing in ketosis and drink drink drink it all helps xx
denajane, your absolutely right about the freezing bit.... i cant believe how cold i feel all the time! ollie its a good job you dont start work till the 5th, you will definitely be used to it by the time you go back. i started mine on a saturday and was fine by monday for work... but i think i had it really easy compared to other people... i didnt think first week was THHHAATTT bad.. but err yeah it was bad :p
Hi Ollie, yes, the cold feeling is weird, even when you're in ketosis you feel cold.
I've been known to sit on the sofa with a blanket AND a hot water bottle, even with the central heating on! :gen125:
It seems to affect us all, I don't miss the "hot flushes" I used to suffer though!!
Well done Ollie on going to the chemist to ask for help as this was clearly a big step for you. If you focus on doing it to the letter, 100% for the first week you will have such a great first week that you will be flying!

To be honest I didn't find the first week that bad but I did make sure I dosed myself with painkillers for the headaches. One thing that has really helped me as well is that I don't have a telly. I know that seems weird but I don't. Whenever I pop to my mums I really notice that all the adds are yummy foods and I find myself thinking about food when I don't usually. Not suggesting you get rid of your telly obviously but be aware of the adverts and avoid them like the plague, especially if you are finding it tough in the first week.

The cold is unbelievable so get a hot water bottle as it really helps. Thats where if you can cope with the soup (I love it) or hot choc etc can make a big difference. Technically you are not supposed to add anything to the soup but loads of people have and have still had fab losses so if it helps, go for it.

Have a great Xmas at home and will look forward to hearing how you get on x


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Well done....you won't regret it,good luck!!! Caz xx
Good luck Ollie. Your not planning on taking your shakes to Ireland are you? It's just that I read here that somebody wasnt allowed to travel with them and customs took them off her.:)
Cathy and Tara, thank you!! I've the hot water bottle already!! bought it 2 weeks ago.. Has grumpy old man on it which I think may be apt in a few weeks!! :) As for painkillers.. what am I allowed to take?

Caz, thank you!! :) I hope I dont!

Binger, not taking them with me.. starting on the 31st which is the day after I fly back to here.. so I will be fine :) thanks for the warning tho.. I will be going there sometime in feb/mar... interesting to find out what I can take with me.. :S
Hi ollie your welcome I just didnt want you to get them taken off you. Have a good holiday. Oh are you sure you want to start on the 31st Dec if I were you I would enjoy new year and start the next day.:)
Hi ollie your welcome I just didnt want you to get them taken off you. Have a good holiday. Oh are you sure you want to start on the 31st Dec if I were you I would enjoy new year and start the next day.:)

Hi Binger!
Hehe I've thought long and hard about it but I think it should be a start as you mean to go on kinda thing... Never really liked new years anyway.. and It'll be my first one away from home so it'll be quiet..
Well doen on taking the first step. Keep in touch with this site, its a life saver. Just a quick note though, are you bringing the shakes with you on the plane?? I read a thread recently about someone who had theirs confiscated at the airport. Maybe check this out, or pack in your suitcase xx

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