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    After being overweight since i was 13! i decided that both myself and hubby deserve a better me.
    I run my own business, work full time and i am planning my sisters wedding !!!!
    I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2011 and was told i would never conceve due to my weight (was only 79kg then !) I then went down a dark hole of depression for many many years. In 2012 i was dragged to another doctor by my best friend who told me that actually i would conceive if i lost weight and that the other doctor was an idiot. By that point i was well into my 90-100kg weight range. I started excersising and eating well even started Jenny Craig but i ended up loosing my job and couldnt afford to continue. My weight slowly kept creeping up and up until June 2014 when i met my Cambridge Angel Michelle of Kardinya Western Australia, my first weigh in i almost cryed, tipping the scales at almost 120kg and only being 155cm tall you can image how i look ! . I have been on the plan for 5-6 weeks now and have lost a total of nearly 10kg (hoping to tip the 10kg mark next week), My BMI is down something like 5 points and i have lost nearly 10cm around my stomach. ! i am amazed after trying so many diets and nothing worked. I go to the gym twice sometimes 2 times a week and i am well on my way to a happy future. Buying my first home, getting married and having children. I can see them all in my future now....... i couldnt before !

    Hope to have more good updates for you soon. :) :)


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