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Stephys 30 day shred!

Hey everyone!
Decided to jump on board with the 30 day shred!

I will be starting on monday - 21/01/2011 !

The main reason i'm doing this thread is because there isn't many about where people have done it straight through and wrote there results.. which i searched for hours!

The one thing i'll be doing different is i'll be doing it monday - friday.

I'm always out saturday and sunday at the OHs and the grandparents!

I also think this would be a good thing as it gives my body time to recover..

So monday morning i'll come on write down my starting weight and measurements! :D

I'll be doing the low fat diet with it too..

So if anyone wants to join in or has any advice or motivation to kick me up the butt when i cant be bothered please dont hesitate haha :D

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hiya stephybabe. i have been doing a 30 day shred diary.I have completed level one all the way through and now im half way through level 2. i do it none stop all the way through, every single day. i do have busy days. but i find 20mins just to squeeze it in.
but now im starting to see a change in my body. its all good.
ill look forward to joining in with your diary.!!
Hey autumn babe :)
How are you findin it ? I'm glad you can see a change in your body ! Are you measuring and weighing yourself or??

And I wish I could do it every day but sat and Sunday are the days I'm at the ohs house an it would be impossible to do it there ( lives with his parents)

I look forward to you joining in :D
Hiya Steph I started the 30 day shred yesterday its a fab workout...make sure you have your trainers on lol.....I gritted my teeth and gave this workout my all !!

I took my measurements other day so every Sunday I will post weightloss and inchloss....not much going off weight wise but inch wise I can see a difference as I do a workout everyday...also i think i have lost visceral fat as my tummy feels better

Have a great day :):)
hiya stephy.! just done another 20 mins today. I know sometimes there just isnt a place where you can do the workout. imagine you taking your dvd and putting it on at your ohs house.lol no id leave it at home lol
No i didnt measure myself but looking in the mirror i can tell i dont have to suck in as much any more lol. as for weight coming off ill weigh myself again monday and let you know i do jump on and off the scales all the time.but if i do a proper read every monday i know where i am. Have a good weekend and all catch up with you monday.
How did your work out go today.?


Gold Member
Hun well done for getting it, and you will be impressed! I have done it (although I fell short of a couple of days at the end.) It's fab, and you will see results. Push yourself like you have never been pushed and you will get more out of it!

And make sure you take measurements....
hey everyone :)!

sorry haven't been online!

Well i had a good weekend but i was hungover sunday and nibbled on a few hungover munchies haha .. stupid wine!

Anyways thats in the past :)

so today was the first day of my 30 day shred!

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus! harder then i thought.. definetly felt the burn!

so glad it was over when it was.. called her a few names.. was glad when it was cardio! the strength killed me!

But i'll be doing it everyday this week may have saturdays and sundays off depending if i'm out or not...

I have took before photos! blurhg lol and i've took measurements of every inch of my body haha!

Will post the measurements on here tomorrow :)

Hows everyone else?

hope your all ok :) Xxx
Doing well Steph ......glad you felt the burn lol....It is harder than what I thought but its worth it
Glad you had a good weekend

day 5 for me and i'm dipping a bit lower and really pushing myself ....the inch loss is amazing so do put your measurements up hun !!

thank you lovely :) !

i had to push my self to even do day 1 but i keep thinking holiday haha!

Day 5?! hows it feeling now?!

ill put them all on tomorrow :) got them wrote down upstairs .. would go get them now but the soaps are coming on :p
Your doing great Steph...day 5 it feels easier hence why I started dipping lower on exercises to feel the burn lol, I feel so much fitter already.

Thats it think of a target and you will reach it...I am looking into doing a 14 mile charity walk I have got to find out when it is and as long as its not next week all will be fine....it means I have something other than losing weight to focus on :):)
thats good news then! :D

felt bit of a failure when i couldnt go down as low as them fit freaks were! haha

Are you really :) thats great! what charity would it be?!

ill post every day to just so i can read back and think wow lol well hopefully!
It takes time to get flexible when you get to day 5 i think you will be surprised at how different you feel !!

I look forward to your daily updates :)

I have just found out there are shorter walks but will set myself up for the 14 miler... should get my treadmill this week so can push myself
this is the link to the walk ....Bala Challenge

looking quite forward to doing this today ..

just lookin at recipes etc and trying to get some ingredients together then i shall bang the dvd in this afternoon!

Are you going to do shorter walks to prepare yourself for the big one?!
Goodluck with your workout today , it does get easier and eventually you get lower....

I have just had a phone call to tell me my treadmill is been delivered on Monday so I will be doing a weightloss workout on that (ifit card) and getting my strength and distances eventually built up...

Have a great day Steph

Sharon xx
Hope your day went well Steph :)

Have had a very busy day with all the animals and also arranging to help with the lambing on my friends farm......
will speak tomorrow nite hun xxxx
hey stephy.!!! im fine with the strengh and abs..i hate cardio. but i always think its like 30 sec or a min of 1 section at a time and there is certain cardio ones on level 2 i like hate jumping jacks with a passion.lol.
hope you read about me doing level 3 on my 30 day shred threads lol wow it was aching something rotten in the night.lol

good look for tomoz.!! i try and do it the mornings to get it out the way but with my daughters being off this week i waited till they were having t so i would nt be bothered..And Hub had gone to work.lol
all done for today. and tbh you do feel better for it once you have done your days workout
I agree Autumn morning are best :)
aww your lucky! i love animals! would love to work with them..

hey autumn babe!

I always do mine about dinner timeishhh...

about the strength i think i went for too heavy weights to start with..

ill try find your thread thingy later just lately i've been real busy so only been popping on and updating this! :) xx

So today will be day 3 if i'm correct.. dreading the silly woman telling me couple left.. the liar haha!

Hope everyone is well xx
All well here hun !!

Enjoy your workout I will be doing mine in a mo lol......nothing like morning torture...I enjoy it now lol :):)

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