Stick Out Your Tongue....

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Tootiefrootie, 14 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. Tootiefrootie

    Tootiefrootie Wants it Gone!

    hey guys has anyone else have black spots on their tongues and is it the "norm"?:wave_cry:
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  3. lillie

    lillie weighs a lot less

    ive just checked and ive not got any dont panic though ,maybe ring your chemists xxx
  4. mummytoni

    mummytoni Full Member

    I think you should defo ring the chemist.......
  5. annie_d

    annie_d Silver Member

    For DEF! Black spots??? Do let us know
  6. coccinella

    coccinella Full Member

    I have no black spots... although my tongue does look like i have been eating nuclear waste!!! I wouldn't worry too much - but, as others have said, best to check with the pharmacist/chemist. Let us know how you get on. Julia x
  7. Tootiefrootie

    Tootiefrootie Wants it Gone!

    yeah I'll ring the chemist and see what they say..
  8. fifi70

    fifi70 Silver Member

    I always brush my tongue after I've done my peggies, keeps the old gob clean n fresh.
  9. TracyJ

    TracyJ Gold Member

    Hahahahaha sooo salord Fi!!! xxx
  10. Tootiefrootie

    Tootiefrootie Wants it Gone!

  11. Shamrock

    Shamrock Wanna!

    Lumpyroo,ive looked this up in my nursing books and it comes up with two theories,one that they occur when you change your diet and two,the tastebuds may be inflamed.if your tongue was black all over then its a condition in itself.Best to check with pharmacist or your GP
  12. Tootiefrootie

    Tootiefrootie Wants it Gone!

    thanks Shamrock... they are just little black specs that go when I scrub the tongue.. I will check with my pharmacist tomorrow just to be on the safe side!
  13. Shamrock

    Shamrock Wanna!

    Dont think they will do any harm as long as they arent sore x
  14. Tootiefrootie

    Tootiefrootie Wants it Gone!

    no they arent sore at all, just a bit unpleasant to look at when i stick my tongue out :p
  15. Shamrock

    Shamrock Wanna!

    I tell you,mine looks like an old carpet so I try to keep my mouth shut as much as possible,my family really appreciate it!
  16. ladylipo

    ladylipo Silver Member

    Thank the lord!!!!!!!! im not alone i have them too :eek:
  17. shaz2

    shaz2 Full Member

    :pi had them too for about two days ... but they brushed off ... i brush my tongue all the time now ... if you use the listerine strips .. i reckoned it was from them cos they make your tongue a bit blue where it melts.. i posted about it too when i had them cos thought i had the lurgy! .. also ..something on net re if you are takin a lot of vitamins and mineral supplements they can leave spots on your tongue... i reckon if you brush your tongue every time you clean your teeth they will go mine never came back.. (started bout second week of diet).. if they dont go then yep pharmacist would be my next step... sharon.. x
  18. Tootiefrootie

    Tootiefrootie Wants it Gone!

    thank god Im not alone:D Yeah when I brushed the tongue they went so off I went and bought a toothbrush with a tongue scraper...mmmmm
  19. TracyJ

    TracyJ Gold Member

    Brushing your tongue is great..i love it lol xx
  20. Tootiefrootie

    Tootiefrootie Wants it Gone!

    i always feel like Im going to get sick though
  21. SkinkWitch

    SkinkWitch I've got the power

    I always brush my tongue! It makes my mouth feel so clean.

    Just looked at it to check for black spots and it looks as though I used it to clean round the back of the taps! No black spots, just the same minging white coating I've always had :p

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