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Stickers as motivation


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Hello all, just wondering if stickers and certificates motivate you?

I missed my half stone because they didn't notice weighing me in and my stone award because it was the week after Christmas and with all the snow there was no class, just weigh in. I told myself stickers were for primary school (where my class is actually lol) but when I got my 1.5 stone one at target it felt great. I love seeing it on the back of my book.

So, do they mean anything to you?
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I must admit that I adore getting my stickers and certificates!
I think they are good at motivating us because they are a physical reward for doing well. For me especially as it takes a while for me to notice when the weight has come off.


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I love getting them! I find them something to work towards in present that is more possible than thinking about 8 and half stone. I find them really motivating thinking about how I can get my next one asap.


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I like getting them - our C always makes a big thing about everyone reaching their milestones, I think it definitely motivates not just the person getting the sticker but also other group members, especially the newbies.

Ask your C about getting your missing stickers, I'm sure s/he'll be happy to sort them out for you.
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I love getting mine! Could you not ask for the 2 you've missed?

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Might do about the missing ones. Now I'm maintaining I miss having a goal. We need maintaining stickers! I have my badge too but don't know how to wear it :)


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My dad said to me the other week "How old are you?! Your getting excited about stickers?" but I pointed out that 3 in one week is a mission and I succeeded so why not be excited! Love collecting them :D
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I get so excited about stickers.. Hopefully I will be getting my 3.5st sticker this week ahhhhhh so excited! I have 5 stow and 3 sotm stickers too I just love them.. I'm such a child but I think I love them because they're so visual!!


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I never got a target badge, where does it come from? Is it given by the consultant or do HO send it out?


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i think they are a good idea! its nice to look at your book and think, 'thats right, i done that' x
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I love my stickers and certificates. When I decided to re-start I brought a new book and took all my old certificates down. My C is going to give them to me again when I make each target this time. So excited that I'm half a pound off my half stone and was even more excited when I got SOTW last week as I haven't stuck to it long enough to get one in ages.


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I love my stickers - it's a bit childish but I love putting them on my book. My only moan is our C seems to ignore the body magic ones even though we hand in our forms. One member in our group took matters into her own hand and during the weekly talk asked for them as she had achieved from bronze to platinum. She got her stickers but it does seem hard work to get something you’ve achieved.
I don't go to class now but I kept the little book I used about 7 years ago, just because of the lovely stickers plastered all over the covers. Ah! Sentiment!


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Yes, I am so proud of my stickers! I arrange them all neatly on my book like I'm in primary school again :D you should ask for them, it's a good reminder of how far you have come. Sometimes when I'm demotivated they remind me of how hard I've worked. And the next sticker is always a good goal to have! Good luck! x


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Thanks for the replies. They do seem to help people :)

Shrimpy I got my target badge from my consultant with my certificate an a hug!

Our group don't seem to do the body magic awards at all, or at least they're never mentioned though in the talk bit people do say they go walking or to the gym.


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Same with my group- noone does the body magic certs although my leader said if I hand in some filled-out BM sheets and proof etc she can award me- I think people find them a lot more complicated than just filling in a food diary and getting weighed. They are quite vague I find and my exercise doesn't always fit into 5 min/15 min/30 min slots
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I've started filling mine in and find them pretty easy. If my time doesn't fit I put it in the time box them split it down to 5/10/15 mins E.g if I did 60 mins in the 15 mins I put a 4.


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I only got a certificate and a sticker. I feel hard done by now!
i think the stickers and certificates help me loads such a good feeling when you get one :) also how do u put the little stickers under your posts on here? thanks

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