sticky for din dins


Hello again not been around i know but i took the plunge and joined a local club last night and decided its time i got my act together once and for all.
Anyways been looking around on here and noticed a few folk like miself are always asking the same question, what can we have for dinner.
Like most folk im stuck at work all day in mi garage, i like others cant get away from work and always struggle to work out what to have. we do have a sandwich van come round so that sometimes helps if one can resist the hot pies lol.
I also assume we dont want to be faffing about in the evenings over a stove cooking all evening ready for the next day, well i certainly dont, i want it quick and simple a bit like miself lol.
Im gettin into an habit of 2 fruit and a muller rice (is this ok?) but not sure what else i can have, i did have a stew of the van today as im on a red day full of steak and veg luvley.
Would a sticky be a good idea for dinnertime?
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woa muller rice are terrible for syns there are about 11!!!! dont do it!!!! muller LIGHTS (the yogurts) are free. if you like muller rice you can make it yourself (and its very quick!!) just put some pudding rice (not normal rice) in a microwavable bowl with water give it about 10/15 mins and stir in some sweetener and half a toffee muller light


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I stick mainly to red days. I had the most amazing beef curry last night and tonight we are having home made chicken shish kebabs. They are actually better than the ones from the kebab house.

Tomorrow night I am having fillet steak and on Sunday, beef stew.


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Lol! Thanks guys. The kebabs were lovely!