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Still getting the dreaded side effects!

I've been following the 5g fat per 100g, and no more than 15g per meal rule and i'm STILL getting side effects! And quite bad too! Any ideas on what i'm doing wrong? As in most cases it's lower that 5g/100g and less than 15g per meal. Hints/tips anyone?

PS incase it didn't go into the right thread area it's the prescribed Orlistat drug (Xenixal or something?)
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everyone has a slightly different effect from them. Are you sure that absolutely everything you are eating is within that 5%. I know that it can be really easy for things to slip by that you don't expect to be high.
yes it seems to effect everyone different im having trouble even going to the toilet( 6 days now not good) and i have been following it correctly although i have not been drinking enough water which i must start doing xx
I think so, i'm religiously checking everything, and weighed a few things to make sure i had my portions correct!
Yesterday i had a bowl of cornflakes plus skimmed milk, pasta with reggae sauce and grilled skinless chicken breast with veg for tea....that's similar to what i've had the past few days so the fat content (in theory and on packs) should be waaaaaay down!
I've been drinking plenty of water too.
But i'm frequently passing oil (TMI!!! Especially when passing wind) and my bowels have been erm...looser (SORRY!!) than usual.
It's annoying as i LOVE swimming and i'm too shy to go with all this excess!
aww i know it can be so frustrating cant it, the food your having seems to be fine so its very strange must just affect everyone different, i hope it passes soon for you and you can get back to your swimming, maybe it could be just your body get used to the tablets but im not sure xxx
I think it affects some people like that in the beginning, i had a few incidents. But please dont let it put you off, just keep double checking everything. A few things i had eaten at one point were over the rule and i didnt realise it for a few days, i had read the packaging wrong!!
No, i'm 100% sticking on them, because in a way i guess if something is showing, at least its working huh!
I'll just carry on writing everything down and see if the dietican can help me out by having a look at it.
It really is encouraging me to eat the right things though, and i do feel like i'm re-educating myself a lot! I didn't realise just how fatty some things were!!
i know its shocking isnt it, even food that says low fat on isnt actually that low in fat!! I'm nearly sure thinking back that when i read the xenical leaflet it says you can have symptoms at first but they then disappear unless you eat something with alot of fat in!! Do you still have the leaflet that came with the tablets?
I sometimes have an oily day and I havent really eaten anything I shouldnt.It doesnt bother me tho because it is managable. I also dont have a gall bladder so have been told that will effect me,as the gall bladder helps to filter fat too.
I don't have the official leaflet, as i've been given a 'taster' pack for 2 weeks. But i've been on the website but there isn't that much info on there really!
I'm seeing the deitician on friday so i can try and ask some more questions then!
I did have very oily stools at 1st but i am much better now I know it does take time for your body to get used to it !! I hope it clears soon for you...:)

I am getting confused with 1 thing on this forum it says don't go over 5g per 100g but on Xenical site it says 10g and under per 100g....I don't have side effects either way
I go between the 5-10g i have no side affects ......I have no more than 45g a day.......I am officially addicted to scales can't help jumping on them lol :):)
I have no scales at home! And all of my belongings are in storage, including my wii fit board, so i can't even use them to check :-( my clothes feel looser, but they did a few weeks ago when i was just healthy eating....yet the scales hadn't budged one bit!! :'-(
I sooo hope i've lost or i know i will go into my stupid binge-hate myself - binge cycle again!!
Charlotte take your measurements also because sometimes the scales don't move but your body is changing....what we forget is that we are also getting rid of visceral fat which is very hard to move!!
Don't be disheartened and don't give into temptations......as long as you don't gain that is the main thing !!

Remember you want to do the 5K race for life so think of that and really push yourself :):)
Yeah i will do, i never take measurements, but i shall do it later on with help from my lovely OH.

I will get there!! And i love this site for the support and tips!
Its a great feeling when you can see it coming off......:)

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