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Still here!

Hey everyone, been a while since I got on here, have been very busy lately!

Still beavering away at LL, lost half a stone over this past 2 weeks :) still hitting the gym 3-4 times a week too, prepping as good as a I can for my surfing/beach holiday at the start of August (though the thought still terrifies me at this point!)

Hope everyone is getting on well! :D
**lurks off to read the 500+ posts he's missed over the last few weeks**
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Hi there
I was wondering where you had disappered to, glad to hear you are still doing well on LL!
Where are you going on holiday?
Daisy x


Gotta Make A Change
hey pete good to hear from you buddy
hows it all been for you the diet/gym
btw you getting red dead redemption dude?
Just dropped that one in about the surfing/beach holiday!
Where you off to to strut your stuff then?
Well done with the recent half stone.
I Like the sound of a mega choco/vanilla shake - yum.
you will have a great time
i worked down there one summer when i was a student and lived in a tent/camper van for 3 months - best summer i had!

daisy x


Determined to succeed
Slendablenda i have just seen your pics . . . . .OMG you are so tiny. U look fabulous. Hope im half as successful as you have been :D x
Thank you. I'm half the woman I used to be! i hope LL works as well for you.
It has truly changed if not saved - my life.

Pete - this is for you -

Have you been surfing before? You can't really practice in advance can you?
Unless you've got a huge bath in that flat of yours.....................!

Happy week-end.


Determined to succeed
Hi SB - yes this is going to work for me. I sure want it bad enough. So many changes already (all for the better). My daughter actually came up to me last night and said she had just realised i run up and down the stairs now and dont even realise im doing it. I go for a run every single Bmorning at 5am - and i am more focused than i have ever been in anything in my entire life. Just looking and reading all about you 'big loosers' :D is what has kept me going the last 11 weeks.
well impressed that you are going away for a stag week whilst on LL. Got a couple of Boys breaks from august (football, golf stag weekends) onwards up and I am dreading them. Not sure how I will be able to resist the ale at the moment I am thinking of backing out. Any ideas?

That or hope that by the time it comes around I am seeing massive differences and I am more confident to not be bothered, by nut drinking and eating out.
Alcohol has never been an issue for me, I was practically tee-total for 2+ years before starting LL anyway, so I've got no advice there, sorry!

As for not eating while on the stag do, well, as it is an "active" holiday there won't really be any time to just be sitting around, and having 9 other guys there with me will keep me on track, it's when I'm on my own that I struggle, I get a kick out of sticking to it and seeing others' faces when they see first-hand that I really *don't* eat anything at all :D
Still Still here! :p

Stil losing, though it's slowed a bit to only a few pounds this last 2 weeks. Still, better off than on! Now my gym buddy is back from Uni for good we're hitting the weights/treadmill for a few hours 4-6 times a week! My body hates me while I'm doing it, but me head feels so awesome afterwards! lol

Speaking of which, gotta leave work now and go meet him for tonight's session!

Hope everyone is still going strong, keep telling yourself you can do this! (and serisouly, if I can do it, anyone can!)

Peace! :D


Determined to succeed
Hi Pete. Know exactly what you mean about your body hating u while at the gym. I started spinning recently and am now doing it for an hour 5 times a week. During the class you think what the hell am i putting myself through this for - but 10mins after the class u feel 10feet tall and that u could take on the world. I love that feeling


Enjoying life!
Good to see you are still doing well Pete. Been an absolute age since I have been in here too!

Kat xx


Gotta Make A Change
doing good pete :) keep it up

and good to see you back KAT :)
Hi Kat
Hope the pregnancy is going well xx


Enjoying life!
Thank you Ken and SB. Everything is going wonderfully well thank you, 6 months now with a healthy, long and strong lil boy! Such exciting times!

Sorry to post crash Pete ;) xx

Kat xx

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