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Still struggling with soups


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I was the same,I just have bars and shakes and they are all lovely. Like you I dreaded the soups and couldn't even finish one!!

Good luck xx
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Oh sharon i know exactly what you mean!

I thought long and hard about that, and when i was having them it made me dread it.... this diet is tough to stick to so i cut my losses and didnt have anymore, I just have shakes and bars now.
Personally i knew that the soups may have been the straw to break the camels back 'as it were' that might send me off the dieting rails!

Alot of us have found that later in the diet our taste buds change, so maybe try the soups again in a couple of weeks?

Good luck!
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Glad its not just me, so many people seem to love them but I just find them to creamy and they really make me feel ill. Think I'm gonna have to do the same and cut my losses and just order some extra shakes to see me through the next 3 weeks, I love the shakes all of them & the bars too but mainly the toffee, nut & raisin one mmm.


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I find the soups delicious. But that is because I add herbs and spices to make them taste how I want. I made the tomato and basil taste like curry, I spiced the thai and the veg and mushroom was lovely again today with pepper, garlic flakes and chilli flakes. I am trying to make them work for me.

I also make them with more water. This makes how I flavour them work better. I make sure i cook it in a pan as well. I have heard it makes all the difference :)


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Hey - I can only eat the Tom & Basil soup by making it into 'crisps'. Have a look on the LighterLife forum (scroll to the bottom) and there are loads of ideas on how to 'cook' them!


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S: 11st4.5lb C: 10st5.5lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 0st13lb(8.2%)
You are welcome. It was Miss D who used to post on here that pointed me in the right direction.
I can only eat the Tom & Basil soup in 'crisp' form. The only soup I can still eat as a soup is the mushroom. I have made Thai Chicken crisps and they are ok....a bit salty and am yet to try veg 'crisps'. xXx


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S: 11st4.5lb C: 10st5.5lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 0st13lb(8.2%)
I find that making it up so that is resembles the texture of toothpaste works for me. Spread as thin as you can. Also if you add too much water I find that it doesn't go crisp enough.

Also use baking parchment....brilliant stuff and leave to cool after as it makes them go crisper!

Enjoy x


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Yes, I really wish exante would do a bumper pack of just shakes and soups. I like the soups(except tom n basil) but the shakes are so
much more portable, unlike the soups, which need hot water and additives :)


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sorry to hear you are not getting on with the soups, but i can say i like them, they are better than the cambridge ones. i just add more water, salt n pepper. but i love the bars moreso, they are lush, i am on day 4 and got a stomping headache. Any1 else get this?

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