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Still struggling!

I've read your posts and cant believe my eyes. I am on day 6, first week and I still feel dreadful. I have a headache every day, no energy and just feel ill with weakness. I had been following a low calorie diet before LLL (i am on the lite program) and am not that over weight, want to lose a stone but to be in the healthy range i would only need to lose a few pounds. Please tell me someone else felt like this??! All I hear is that everyone else has energy and feels great! This is good for you of course but I would like to know that this will go away and I'll feel like you soon. I'm not particularly hungry and it's not that i'm craving to eat stuff I just feel very light headed all the time and weak. Thanks for any responses.
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I felt crap for about a week. It then gradually eased off. I didnt have the lightening strike energy boost (but it has increased over time). I still get the odd headache that I take paracetamol for. I feel great now, but it did take a while to get to this stage.

Sadly, I have heard of people that have felt tired all the way through. Im not trying to put you off, just give you the full picture.

I hope you feel better soon x
The difference

Hi ONLYME. I think the difference in energy is probably more for people like me who had a lot to lose.
We gradually lost our energy levels over time aswe got bigger and bigger, almost without realisinhg sometimes.
That wonderful thing the mind is so good at pretending on the surface that everything is okay.
Then suddenly, the weight goes.
All the excuses we have made to ourselves like getting older, being too busy etc,etc, evaporate.
That's when we realise the energy is still there and it's a wonderful experience.

LLL is aimed at people with less to lose.
It's less extreme and so are the results.
Good for you in deciding to lose those extra pounds before they became a real long term problem for you.


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Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit pants, Chat to Minerva, she did LL then LLL and never got the "ketosis high" that most of us seem to get. But she did perservere with it and it is so worth it in the end. Usually after a week the symptoms dissapear of their own accord. I low carbed and low caled 2 weeks before I started LL and felt pretty grim for most of that, so by about day 4 of LL I was feeling great. It all happens in it's own time. If however you feel really unwell, perhaps you should look at some alternative diets to loose the weight? Do what is best for yourself hun.

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Hi Onlyme,

I have just restarted LL after two false starts. when I originally started the programme in Jan 08 I felt very much as you do now, so much so that in fact I stopped the programme after only a week. Its very unusual for me to get ill so I think that intensified how bad I was feeling :)

Having said that though not once since then have the packs had any effect on me, except the weight loss of course!

Try to hang on in there I know its difficult but I really do believe you will soon come out the other side. It is one of my greatest regrets that I didnt have the fortitude to continue during that period myself.
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Hang in there - I was sick-as-a-dog for acouple of days after starting LL then felt a bit rough for most ofthe first week. I can't say I have the hi energy kick that a lot of folks have but I feel good and I definately feel a high when I can see and feel the results.
Hope you feel better very soon


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Hi Only Me,

Sorry to hear you're still feeling crappy. Have you called your LLC yet? She may be able to offer some advice. Do let us know.

Hi ONLYME. I think the difference in energy is probably more for people like me who had a lot to lose.
Ooh maybe. But! I started LL with "only" 2 stone to get to my healthy BMI (and 3 stone till I'm at goal weight), and I've felt great ever since I went into ketosis!

Only Me, I really do think you should ring your LLC - you may just be taking longer to get into ketosis, but talking to your LLC may help put your mind at rest.

Hope you feel better! :)

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