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Stock Made With Bovril?

Hi guys,

I am far from an experienced chef and want to make the spaghetti bolognese on the slimming world website.

One of the ingredients says, "227ml/8fl oz stock made with bovil".

I am so unexperienced in the kitchen that even what stock is confuses me but the only thing in the supermarket called bovril was a beef extract that you add to milk to drink.

I bought that but was really unsure so also bought some Knorr beef stock cubes.

What do I use??

Do I add a teaspoon of bovril to 227ml of water and use that as the stock?

Or do I use the regular knorr stock cube instead?

Or do I combine them in some other way altogether?

Please help! Thanks!
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Oh you are so cute, glad its not just me that sucks at cooking - I don't know what to do with bovril either which is why I stick to stock cubes and syn it! But I assume you have to put some of the bovril in hot water but I don't know how much.


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Bovril is advertised as a savourty drink, you get a teaspoon full it a cup and add water - thats exactly how you make bovril stock! Its about a teaspoon for each 250ml :)


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Good luck with your recipe Royston, and good luck on your SW journey too.


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Just so you know the stock made from Bovril is free but stock made from cubes has a syn value - usually 1.5 syns per cube although OXO cubes are a bit less.


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That is my only cheat! At 17 cals a cube I can't see it makes any difference (Half an apple)


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I use both... if I'm being strick, I use Bovril (either chicken or beef), but if I have to use my tried and trusted Knorr stock cubes, then so be it. At 1.5 syns for a cube, for a recipe that serves 4, it's not something I'm going to lose sleep over. ;)


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I can only find bovril stock cubes so just use my oxo instead.

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