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Stomach is a bottomless pit today :(

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Hey everyone.

I'm having a reeeaallly crappy day today :(

I woke up full of cold, with a sore throat and watery eyes. Dragged myself into work even though I was desperate to call in sick. I dislike work most days, but today was extra crappy with my boss (who hates me) criticising me constantly. I'm trying so hard to find a new job but to no avail :(

Then my Dad's been on my back screeching: "I hate the diet your on. It's stupid. You eat too much and you're just going to make yourself fatter and fatter. I bet everyone on Slimming World laughs at you because it's obviously not working"...I know he doesn't support me on SW. Mainly because he doesn't understand it. But even when I try to explain it to him, he just tells me to shut up because he doesn't care. Thing is, he's fat too...but he doesn't care. And when I try to explain things to him he feels like I'm having a go at him...yeah he needs to lose a lot of weight, and I've tried to help him but he just doesn't want to so I've left it. So why he feels the need to pick on me when he knows I'm sensitive I don't know.

So I've been totally comfort eating to be honest. I know I comfort eat, and I know I shouldn't. But it's the one thing I have control over in my life right now so I've just eaten and eaten and eaten :(

I ate TWO full punnets of strawberries. TWO! Once I started I couldn't stop. Then I had a cadburys chocolate mousse and then a pink and white...and I'm STILL looking for stuff to munch on. I know I've had quite a bit of super free today...and I am still within my syns (had 10.5 today..so far :(...I really just want a cup of tea and a funsize chocolate bar right now) but I now feel totally rubbish. My tummy is sore, I feel all bloated and just pretty miserable. Someone look at my food diary and tell me if I've totally mucked up my 100% week?!

I was supposed to go out for dinner with the girls tonight but I felt so rubbish after work that I cancelled now them. I know I shouldn't...they would have probably made me feel better...but I know if I had gone out, I would have ate even MORE and probably drank lots too...ugh

I've not felt so down in ages. Everything in my life is spiralling downwards and I don't know how to make it better...apart from comfort eat :(

Sorry for my bit rant...I just really needed to get it off my chest. :(:cry:lets hope tomorrow is a lot better than today...

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Determined Bunny

A Very Determined Bunny!!
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Don't listen to your dad you have to be doing it for yourself!!! eat another load of strawberries if you like!! I know how you feel and I too have had the bully boss and my father also forever picks on my weight no matter what size I am and I hate it cause there no worser feeling for me than that!!! As you will see I have my own goals and they are what I want! not anyone else!! Try and zone out from it all and focus on you and give yourself a good pep talk!! Sit down and turn everything you feel has messed up today into a positive!! I know it may be hard but you have to try and make it a habit!! Do you live with your parents? How old are you if you don't mind me asking??


Serial Foodie!
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aww hun! you are doing absolutely fine! You havent messed your plan up as 10.5 syns is great and you have made sure you wont be out tonight adding more syns on.

i feel a bit shocked that your dad is not only unsupportive but downright destructive to your self image. I dont know if you live with him or if you can distance yourself from that attitude putting you down so badly but if you can, please do. he is wrong and probably just doesnt like to be challenged so lashes out at you for making him look at his own weight issues.

you have been doing great and need to recognise that you are achieving fantastically and that other peoples problems are their hassle, not yours. dont believe spiteful, thoughtless comments as they are detrimental to your continuing success. xxx


Wishing and hoping!
aw hugs, it is terriable to hear that your father is not beinhg a supportive parent but your going have to have faith in yourself and all the people on mini mins understands so your not alone. Just remember the prove is in the pudding with the weight THAT you have already lost and will continue to do so.
I have to say from someone who is a binge eater you have done exceptionally well to pick food that is free or low syn and kept it under the limit, you should hold on to the positives :)
C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Thanks Determined Bunny & Karen.

I live with my parents. I was planning to move out last year but then I got made redundant (from 3 jobs) and I'm struggling with my finances at the moment so can't plan anything. I'm 21 (22 next month) and I know I need to get out. I love my parents (in equal amounts, though I get along with my mam more than my dad...me and my dad are too alike).

I try to keep away from him as much as possible. When he's in the house I try to go out, and when I don't...I go and do some exercise in the garage or sit in my room/the conservitory. But it's my house too and I feel restricted on where I can go because I'm scared that I'll upset him :(

ilovelife, I think it's the people on here that keep me going on SW. If I hadn't found this forum I would have given up. My friends from home also are amazing and i love them to bits. We are all normally busy during the week with work so I only get to see them on weekends. But they keep me going too.

I've made it sound like my family are awful. They really aren't. They mean the world to me. It's just me and my dad, we are too alike, we argue constantly and some things he says really hurts

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