Stomach shrinking?


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Have any of you noticed your stomach shrinking? (stomach inside not belly outside).

A couple of months ago I could quite easily eat two chicken fillets for dinner, but last night I made myself two chicken fillets, stuffed with cottage cheese and chives then wrapped in bacon. I had cauliflower and mange tout peas with it. I could only eat one of the fillets and half of the veg. I was just stuffed to the gills. I have noticed I can now only manage a half sized dinner to what I used to be able to eat. I guess my stomach must be shrinking back to normal instead of being stretched to the max with all that I used to put in it!

Anyone else the same?
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Yea I have noticed it too. Before I could easily put away a large kebab and some, now I can only manage some meat before I am full. Luckily, a large kebab without any mayo or bread is 12.5 syns, so I can have my treat without worrying!

Mrs V

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Lol at Lentil2!!!

I wont get this problem with a gastric band, but I do know what you mean! I used to get this when I did SW a few years ago.


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Yeah I have noticed this and can't drink as much wine either !!


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How funny I was thinking this the other day... if people are actually eating less?

I don't eat much as it is.. so I find that the more I eat the more I lose but find it hard to eat so much!

But did wonder when the stomach shrinks lol.


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Yeah, I have noticed this, can't put away the portion sizes I used to - have noticed it particularly when eating at other people's houses and I can't finish what's on my plate and they are having 2nds!! Also can't drink wine like I used to - get piddled much quicker! But there's less of me to take it i guess!!


Lol even when i lost 3 stone i could still eat the same...
maybe my stomach is resisting skrinking, it likes food as much as i do haha xx

Tracie Green

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no i cant eat as much now, i feel quite girly!! haha x the wine does have a quicker effect to!!


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Yes its great feeling isnt it :)

Get us all skinny minnies! x


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Oh yes...appetite of a little birdie me! LOL!

I can still put away a whole pizza if I want to though.....


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Ohhh - I think I can still eat the same, why didnt/hasn't/isnt mine shrink/ing!!???!! x