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Stomach Swelling Up after Eating

For the past 3 days my stomach has been swelling up huge after my dinner. I only got camera into the stomach 3 months ago and i was up on tablets for irritation of stomach & bacertia in stomach. I am off them tablets now. I thought it was the carbs that was swelling me but this evening all i had was brussels, carrots and tuna? I am after swelling up, i swelled up so much last night i had to take bra off lol thats how bad it was
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You may have that bacteria back again - if its what it sounds like it can be resilient. I would go back to my GP if I was you


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It could be the carrots. I swell up with carrots and have bad wind!! Drives me potty so I looked into it and our bodies dong digest them as easily sometimes! Same with brussels! Try other veg, brocolli and cauliflower before going to the doctors


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Possibly! I find fizzy stuff and carrots, brussels and bread make me swell up! I just control what I have and I'm usually fine! I binge on carrots at the weekend because I can break wind where ever I like in my house :giggle:
lol @ u 2 :D

Maybe cut the carrots and sparkling water out and see what happens? If you stopped having the swelling when taking the tablets and have stopped them just a weekago and the swellings started again then maybe thats it? Can you not get them on prescription? xx
are you having any quorn or more mushrooms than normally? Ive recently found out im intollerant to quorn as its fungus and creates or reacts with the bacteria in the gut causing me swelling, wind and cramps. orrible it is and i love quorn sausages
i had them on prescription but as always here in ireland its mad expensive for anything :(
I LOVE mushrooms dont tell me that :( i dont think mushrooms swell me up tho. But ill cut the sparkling water out for a few days and see if i swell thanks everyone


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Hi what tablets were you on? I suffer terribly with wind and cramps! :eek: Am on medication but not working too good!! Maybe need a change!!
they are called Nexium tablets, they cost fortune, 75 euros for 2 weeks of them and i was put on them for 6 weeks.
i didnt bloat up this evening so i reckon its the water, ill drink the water tomorrow and same food and see what happens


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Hopefully it is your diet! :)
how did it go? have you found out the cause yet? hope all is well! xx
heya hun yea i think its the sparkling water, i love it i wouldnt mind, i havent drank it since but i havent swelled up since. I will drink some before the week is out just to see. thanks for asking hun xx

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