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Stop gap snacking...


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I'm on day 3 of my SW to ww switch and loving it so far!!

I am finding it difficult to think of things to keep me going between meals. My portion sizes have dropped and I'm trying to eat fruit between meals but sometimes that just doesn't cut it.

I've been looking at the green items in my book but wondered what everyone here chomps on when you get an attack of the Munchies? Obviously something low in pp?

Thanks all!! X
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I usually have French fries, yoghurts or fruit when I'm feeling a bit peckish. How r u getting on switching from sw to ww, i recently switched as well. Some times forget that foods that were free on sw have to be pointed on ww, prefer ww as more flexible.


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Hi Lisa, I swapped from SW to WW a couple of weeks ago too, I love the WW cookies, my fave are raspberry and white chocolate, which are two PP for each pack of two, I think all the other flavours are the same PP. Also curly wurlys are 3 PP and WW yoghurts are 1 pp (and only £1 for 4 at ASDA at the mo),:)
god you can have loads on ww lol x one night of takeway treat and my syns used to be gone for the week x


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Those biscuits are a good idea - eeked out with a cuppa!

I'm LOVING ww so far. Obv the test will be on Thursday at wi but I'm enjoying having things I would never normally have been able to have.
I feel a real sense of freedom at the moment.... We like to Ho out for lunch as a family at the weekend, on SW the only place I felt 'safe' was the Harvester, now I can eat where I like and just adjust what I eat for the rest of the day accordingly!
Love it!


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I always did red as I couldn't trust myself with green or EE - pretty much all I could ever even kind of have was egg foo yung, which really isn't that nice.

For good, healthy, home cooked family meals then SW is great.
For living your life, SW can be difficult!

Now, is 11pm too late for a ww choc bar and a cuppa??


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I Like the WW yoghurt at 1pp or Tesco Light choices Chocolate and orange cereal bar, chewy, chocolate chips with orangey tang and only 2pp a bar. Caramel snack a jacks at 3pp a bag or if I am into savoury I enjoy twiglets 3pp or French fries ready salted or salt and vinegar 2pp a bag:)

Would highly recommend the cereal bars though!!!


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Oh French fries are 2pp? That's good to know as they sell those at work. I'm not always organised enough to bring stuff with me!

I love cereal vats do will def look them up!

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