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Stopping and starting


I will do this!!!
Just a quick note for everyone...do not stop this diet then think "oh i'll go back on it again in a few weeks" etc etc. I was on this diet for 12 weeks and lost 3 stone and then i had a break and its taken me 6 months to get back on the wagen. Its soooo hard to get back on it once youv had a break and im struggling everyday because of it! Its almost like you have a mental block, you argue with yourself that you want to do it again and lose those last few pounds but you just cant stop shoveling the food in. Just really think, is it worth it?!?!?
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Did you have a break and go back to bad eating habits or did you refeed for a week?

I've only just started this week but am going on holiday to Zante in 10 weeks for 14 days.

How do peeps get through holidays without having a major disaster?


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Aww welcome back and good luck. I know what you mean, its difficult in other ways, I didnt refeed properly but didnt let time go away with me because I was scared about putting too much weight on. I gained a stone and had 2 attempts of trying LT again it was the best thing I done and now I will be refeeding on Friday. :)stay focused. xx:)


Here we go again!
Welcome back Pizzle! I think I would be the same as you if I came off this and tried to get back on again. That's why I've stuck to it for 18 weeks with no break! Can't believe I've done it for so long already, the time has flown by.

Once you're back on it 100% you will be fine. You know the great results you get so stick with it. Good luck, not that you'll need it.
Hi All, I have just had a 3 week break well one week refeed and a 2 week break however I didnt go back to old eating habits. I was in South Africa and had my fair share of puddings and wine but made sensible choices. I got weighed yesterday at the chemist and have lost 2lb. I am back on the shakes as from Monday just to get my final bit of weight off. xx


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no your right it is very hard to get back into which is why im not happy about the chemists idea of 'got to refeed for holidays' and then back onto it afterwards. now im back on track finally and getting my first weigh in again saturday. ive got a holiday in ten weeks time which im hoping would be lovely if id lost it all by then but i very much doubt it. can the chemist do this do u think and make me refeed when i might not want to??

h xx
I wish you every success in doing LT again, hun. You know this works and NOTHING should stop you getting to your goal. There are people on here who stuck to TFR while on holiday, they were so determined to finish their journey. But it is everyones personal decision, I wish you the very best of luck, we are all behind you.
lol pizzle, you did better than me... it took me over 4 years to get back on it!! had first weigh in today and lost 13lbs so im glad i got back to it!!


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Great stuff cheekychick!!! 13lbs is a huge amount. I hope I do half as good on Monday!
Great stuff cheekychick!!! 13lbs is a huge amount. I hope I do half as good on Monday!
im keeping my fingers crossed for, youll do great:)


I will do this!!!
Well im 100% back on it now and feel great! I just wanted people to know exactly what its like to stop. Harriet2 i would really think about what your chemist said to do on holiday, to be honest if you haven't done the diet i dont think you have to right to tell people how to do it. I personally would rather go on holiday and have my shakes and enjoy myself instead of eating, feeling guilty then having a hard time when i got back.......but its your choice :) After i had a break (without refeeding!!) i didn't go back to bad eating habits as such but i didn't get to my goal so i din't see the harm in eating anything!! Im just so glad im back into the right frame of mind to re-do it again!
hey hey hun ive been back on it now im on day 6 and refused to come in till i knew i was back on the ball again wedding in just under 19 weeks and really want to be a 12 for my dress not a 14 so here i am i have tried all the other diets and guess what never worked and i slowly gained the weight and naughty me i did start drinking coke and start eatting bit more cos i knew i was going back on it but minute my jeans got to tight thats it i was back on it. i didnt find it hard this time like i have all the others i have tried getting back on it but wish i had stuck to it in jan when i tried but my giving up smoking was more important and im there last time i smoked was 15th jan and the 16th i got up and didnt want one and havent missed it since. so one herdel done and now im back to finish what i started last year. hope you are well hun


I will do this!!!
Hey mad nice to see a name i recognise!!! Im now a week in and feel great....so glad i decided to come back on it. Really feel like i can get to my goal this time. Fingers crossed forus both....well everyone!
yeah i was looking fore a name i reconised too and found you. when ya weigh in hun xxx


I will do this!!!
Tomorrow!!! I have to get the appointments at my docs whenever i can so i dont have a set day, its usually every monday or tuesday. How about you?
so sorry i been so busy recently havent been able to get on my weigh in is surposed to be a thursday but having to be going on sats recently due to appointment etc. im just going on a look to see how your first weigh in went.

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