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Stopping cd due to some news

hi guys

its been a while since i have posted but i haven't been feeling to well the last few weeks - but have still been losing weight :)

Well I did a pregnancy test today and found out I was pregnant so at 11stone 7lbs (from 16st 11lbs) i would like to bid cd farewell for a while - i have loved my journey with you all and will and shall recommend cd to everyone.

CD has changed my life and I am now a happy woman because of this diet :) i wish everyone well and i will see you all again in aug 2009 lol

thanks and team 3 thanks for all your support and i wish your new team member who will replace me good luck


nikki xxx
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Thats you and Becky today - there must be something in the water! Will you stay in touch on here? there is a pregnancy without the pounds bit on here if you wanted to stick around?
that will be brill - i have missed everybody recently but i have felt too tired to do anything lol


Restart 3/9/2013
When are you due? Is this your first?


Must do it this time
Just want to congratulate you on your great news,thats 2 members today. Elaine
lol not my first (this wasnt planned but will still be loved lol) my fourth but i am frightened because when i had my 3rd last year he was 2 months premature because of preeclampsia - but im hoping lsing all my weight may stop that :) who knows??

As for my due date i think I am 7 weeks but not sure because the i cant remember if i had totm in sept ?? i know sounds strange but i have been very forgetful lately so i guess if i did that would make me 3 weeks but i dont even know if you can get a positive test a 3 weeks and mine should positive almost as soon as i pee'd on the stick so not sure ... lol

nikki x


Silver Member
Congratulations Nikki. :D xx


Queen of the Damned
What is in those shakes?!! :eek: :eek:

Congratulations on your excellent news and wishing you well :hug99:


Loves being slim!
Thank goodness I'm stepping away from the shakes soon! Bloomin eck!
Congratulations, that is fantastic news, I hope this pregnancy goes well for you.


Silver Member
There's something in cyber space on this forum that is making everyone pregnant!
I'm steering clear of here for a bit. My df will kill me if I get preg again. lol

Congratulations hunni, I bet you're made up! xx
thats great news hope everything goes well for you

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