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Stopping packs and moving on ....

Well, I have taken a major decision. I have decided that I am no longer going to use the CD packs to lose the remainder of my weight (only 20 or so pounds now), and I am going to move to a healthy diet (GL I think) and exercise to do the rest.

This is after extensive chats with my nutritionist friend, my Doc, and my CDC. My CDC pointed out to me that each and every time I reintroduce food I maintain - no matter how little I eat. I can eat hardly anything, or eat really well and I just maintain. This happened to me on LL the minute I finished SS, and it happened to me each and every AAM and as soon as I started up the levels. I drop out of ketosis very easily and then just stay where I am. Very strange indeed, but my CDC has pointed out that it happens the same every time.

We have therefore decided that I can no longer continue SS, and so it is time to break with the packs (as I had to go up the steps anyway after my spell with low sugars and BP) and move to a healthy diet.

So, I have made an appointment with a personal trainer for tomorrow, and will take it from there :eek:

Scary - a personal trainer ......

I will stay in here though, because I am still gonna need help to stay with this, even though I am not going to be officially on CD I still consider myself a CD'er ..... and I hope I can continue to give help and support to others.
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Best of luck to you Steve!

It sounds like you have really thought this through and are doing what's best for you. You seem to have a great support system going on already.

Good luck with your training:)

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph ..... what have I done :D

The PT broke me like a twig .... I am absolutely knackered, though he did get me to burn off just over 1000 calories !!!!!

I do not have the energy to type more - I am off for a nap!
Good luck hun i'm sure you'll lose the rest of the weight, i have a personal trainer too at the gym and she's great and the gym is so much fun!!!!!
same for me, Steve.
Always having been a keen gym user (weight lifter and bodybuilder) I let it slip for far too long.
I used CD and hard training 5 times a week to shift the initial bulk. (3 stone 5)
Now I am getting back to my own good nutrition and keep up the training.
Below pic is from today, so the shape is returning. Still another 2.5 to 3 stone to go for me, but as I am pretty happy now, I'll do it slow and solid.

Good luck to you.

Thanks guys - much appreciated.

My shape is coming back too, just need someone to keep me focussed and to push me hard, but also to stop me going at it like a bull in a china shop!!

There is no way that anyone would call me fat now, probably not even large, but my BMI is still 27 to 28, but I put that down to my build.

I am going to persevere with this - I just need to tone up now, and lose the last few pounds along the way.

I will get there.
Hi Steve, you are not on your own with ketosis. I was in it (only just pale on SS) then as soon as I moved on to 790 came out and can't get in!!! My CDC said she thought I was intollerant of carbs! Really interested in what your doing because I have been thinking about doing the same. I have 12 pounds to go but am terrified of gaining as soon as I eat 'normally'. I'm joining the gym tomorrow and having 1 last week I think! Will you post next week and tell me how you do? What's GL? Have you got any pic's of b4 and after. Sorry, but you've done so well! Many congrats!!
Well, I have some pics of me before, but I am ashamed to show them :)

Here are my photos before and after 4 months of LL before I switched to CD due to cost:


I have spent so long talking to friends (I am lucky that I have a friend that is a nutritionist, one that is a trainer, and one that is a county squash player), so they know how to eat and how to exercise - it is just when they have been banging on at me before, I chose never to take notice. My head was never in the right place and I did not want to lose weight. People harping on at me just got me angry ..... you probably know what I mean.

Anyway, my dad having a double knee replacement and a quadruple heart bypass and my brother being diagnosed with hyperlipidaemia (sp?) was a wake up call, and I instantly changed my ways - literally overnight.

And here I am today. I have put back on a few pounds through my own stupid fault by turning to food after I was made redundant, but I caught it reasonably quickly, and have lost most of it again. However, a couple of weeks ago I had regular spells of dizziness and almost blacking out so I went to the Doc. He did some blood tests and said I was very low BP (114/57, and that was when I was stressed through being at the Doc!!), and I was also low fasting blood sugars (2.7), so the Doc ordered me to immediately stop the diet and to resume eating normally, which I did. Naturally, and I expected this, 7 or 8 lbs has gone back on due to glycogen refilling and water retention etc.

I have since been given the okay by the Doc, and was contemplating going back to CD and moving back down the stages to shift the weight, but my ultra-fit friends have convinced me otherwise and that I should now make a healthy eating plan coupled with regular exercise part of my life for ever.

What we have decided is a spell with a Personal Trainer to provide additional nutritional advice coupled with a personal exercise plan (with the personal trainer "encouragement" that goes with it :eek:) for about 3 months. The aims of the plan are to increase fitness, stamina, flexibility, muscle tone, and also to boost the weight loss whilst eating. For example, in one 55 minute session on Friday the PT got me to burn off in excess of 1000 calories - that is almost 2 meals!!!!

The diet plan I have been suggested to follow is the GL diet, which is basically the GI diet taken a step further and adding logic to the GI measurements so that the effects of the food-type on the blood sugars (the GI) is measured based on a normal human intake, not a fixed number of grams as the GI is. This gives the ratings a much more sensible value so that parsnips and carrots are very healthy, and chocolate is not. On the GI scale these three foods come out about the same (apparently) because the GI is measured based on the effect of 50g of carbs on the blood sugar level. Naturally 50g of carbs from chocolate means very little chocolate, but 50g or carbs from parsnips or carrots means a hell of a lot of carrots/parsnips (you could not eat the amount) as they contain very little carbs.

In essense the GL diet is the GI diet plus .... it takes account of the amount AND quality of the carbs .....

An idea can be gained from this book which I have found to be helpful and not overly expensive:

Amazon.co.uk: The GL Diet Made Easy: How to Eat, Cheat and Still Lose Weight: Books: Nigel Denby,Tina Michelucci,Deborah Pyner

There are a lot of books out now that are about the GL diet. Apparently it is one of the easier diets to follow.

Naturally weight loss will be slower, but coupled with exercise I should be able to see a couple of pounds a week, which suits me fine.

Hope this helps.
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