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Strange dreams

Hi All,

I have read on here about people dreaming about eating and feeling guilty when they wake up, but I thought, you were all a bit strange for dreaming that!

Anyway, last night I dreamt that I was swiming in some sort of competition where we had a swimming race in the sea. When we finished the race, there was a great big buffet full of lovely foods. I resisted at first, but ended up eating quiche and sausage rolls because I was weak from the strenuous exercise of swimming in the sea. I woke up and I could still taste the food, but then panicked that I had really cheated?!?

So, I apologise for thinking the odd dreamers amongst you were bonkers, and can I add myself to the bonkers gang list please?

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ha ha, i have some strange dreams too, but for some reason they are telling me stuff, the last dream i had was my oh reading letters and keeping them from me, ofcourse i woke up all paranoid and upset like he was having an affair!

well few days later his mum wrote him a letter and he wouldnt let me read it cus i was mentioned! lol

have had others too, they well weird! lol so welcome to the bonkers list :) xx
WHOO HOO im not the only crazy one here lol, i have those dreams about eating sometimes, and there so real that when i wake up i fell guilt and have 2 just stop and think a minute to make sure i was actualy dreaming lol.x


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Oh I've had similar dreams, the most vivid one was about olives, I was eating a jar of olives in my dream and when I woke up I could still taste them, it took a few minutes before I realised I hadn't
I have become slightly obsessed with watching cookerly shows.... I dont know if that is a good thing or not!

Daily cooks yesterday (I think) has some lovely looking meatballs with sun-dried tomatoes whic I would add to my 'will eat when I can have food' list.


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It was the beef wellington on 'daily cooks challenge' that got me Christine lol

With all this food I keep saying I will eat when I am off CD, I will probably end up the size of a house!!! I've been looking on the channel 4 website at the recipes from that show 'cook yourself thin'...I am definitely going to be trying them out after CD x


getting slimmer
i ahve a "Will eat when i can" list too, its getting pretty big!!
virtual eating sounds good too!
its making me more determined not to get fat again though!! x

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